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A few weeks have passed after those sweet and sour moment at my old house in Netherland. Time move very fast as I am busying myself with work and clients. I am taking over the company totally since I got back from my short vacation and rarely even at home at night.

My father have promise to keep his silent and lay low after the media conference, his health condition is not very well and he keep staying in his room each day. As per our confrontation, he seems to be very calm when he arrived in Amsterdam that day.

The news reporting Alexander McQueen arrived alone in New York have been taking care off but for sure they are not totally diminished since news keep reporting and spinning around about anything that didnt even happened between us.

I dont have the time to think about the media. One conference was enough. People still talks even if we held a thousand conferences for them. They always talk, and nothing can keep them shut. Nobody can avoid a custom.

Of course Alex tried to reach for me everytime we had a meeting, but I quickly avoid. I dont want anything to mess with my mind right now. Everything that happened before had make me think that I am not ready yet to face my own problems. I dont even want to face them.

I am making a mistake, and I am afraid that the mistake will be repeated. I dont want the same mistake to happen. It is a silly mistake and I dont want to stake my name, my family name just to make another mistake. I have a name that I have to secure and it is my fathers'.

Looking down the busy afternoon street through the huge glass window from my office, I sighed lig

immediately furrowed. I know this smell, I know this very musky smell of woods and spices. I know this perfume very well.

But before I opened my eyes, a pair of hand grabbing my waist slowly drawing me closer to him. The lovely smell that I missed became so much nearer and my eyes finally meet the blue orbs that I longed for these few weeks.

"Please, dont run." He said as soon as my eyes meeting his.

"Alex..." one word that I said drowned almost as an unsaid word before his lips captured mine.

I never expected this to happen. I never ever imagine we are this close to each other, I never even think that I will meet him again this way, and I will never even think about anything right now.

I dont know if I had found the answer to my long listed questions, but for now I think this is it. This is what I am looking for. He is who I wanted.

He is the unknown that I wanted to meet, the one who dared to leave me a note, unnoticed but yet he kept me thinking about him all day.

I think I have found him. He is the star that I am searching for.

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