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"Its you." I said for how many times already.

Seeing Alex quickly stepped back and put on his button up shirt making me a little bit uneasy. I didnt say I want him to stay half naked but I want his answer. I dont want his silence, I want his voice to speak up.

What is this game that I am unintentionally played along?

What is this messed he made inside my head for these past months and how did this happen?

What is his intention?

"Alex.." I called him. My eyes still following every movement he made. Button up his shirt, hiding his initial tattoo, I started to make a small step towards him.

"Dont bluff." I said, grabbing his hand. My eyes instantly searching his blue orb. The ocean blue that I have used to be around with for this two days time.

Please tell me he is different. Please tell me he is nothing like everyone else. Please tell me he is nothing like Ken. I just wanted something especially for myself, handmade for me, only me. Not this arranged things, carefully plan and finally crush me into dust.

Please tell me he isnt fake.

"Stacy.." he trailed. His eyes was innocent but I dont know his heart. He is a star, he can bluffs anything.

Acting is just a piece of cake. He can always pretend he dont know anything and let everything pass. But I wont let him be. I want his answer.

"You know this all along, right?" I asked him. My voice sounded impatient. For these past minutes, time seems to move too slow. My heart beat too fast and I cant help breathing out a huge sigh.

"Stacy.. I.."

I dont know if I should wait for any minutes now. I just cant. The beautiful carving on his chest keep repeating in

m not even sending him a driver. I dont know what was swirling inside me but I am frustrated.

He didnt even turned his back and wave goodbye. He just walked and walked until finally I gave up waiting. Maybe Alex is just as the same as any other men I have met before. Maybe he is just like Ken, taking my wealth for granted, using my name to achieve his dream.

"I dont know you know how to keep your secret." Nanny Sophia voice echoed again in the empty kitchen.

At last, I stopped wondering and finally put my utensils down on the plate. Looking up to the old lady in front of me, from his high bun to his crystal earing on both side, instantly my memories with my mother flashes in my eyes.

These two people hold to much memories. I cant keep this secret alone. I have to tell her but what is this shame I felt. After a long time busying myself with work, I came here just to bury my secret to this old lady in front of me.

"Nanny.." I spoke finally reaching for her shoulder where I used to lay on.

She quickly embrace me with her warm arms while finally tears falling down my cheeks.

"I miss my mother."

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