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Waking up the next morning to the warm from the sunrays penetrating into my room. A big smile plastered on my face almost immediately. I have been waiting for these weather for a year and its finally here.

The weather are very nice and I cant wait to go out again today exploring my childhood country anywhere that I have never been before. The peak of being a boarding student, I am not going out much.

With the bodyguards here and there reporting every nook and crook I am walking into, I finally gave up until I got my own car. But there were still limitations. Bodyguards still have to follow me although their number had reduced from four to two.

But now, I am free.

Yes, there is still a bodyguard. But it is a woman in her early thirty, plus she is always not insight and it is a little bit pleasing to my eyes. I dont have to turn around anymore if I am doing something wrong or runaway afterwards just so they dont report anything to my father.

Miss Gemma, a recruited bodyguard I got when I was begging my father for a new bodyguard. Why, I said the others were just some jocks and trying to woo me. My father buy that excuse instantly but not after a few interviews and until I met someone to my liking.

What did she do? She grinned and winked. That was all she did.

Picking up my light pink camisole, I matched it with a pair of silk pattern cardigan and ripped jeans. Wearing a pair of sandal and a sling bag I quickly went out of the room to the room opposite to mine.

Holding in a heavy breath, I am thinking again about what happened last night. I shouldnt have given him the silent treatment. He isn't even wrong. He just trying to buy me some time, for goodness sake and here I am feeling guilty about my behaviour.

"Mr McQueen has awake." a maid walked up to me and nodded slowly.

"Thanks, Vee." I replied before she walked pass by me into the other room.

Breathing in a huge lum

is left chest.

Like a nametag.

And I am sure its representing a name.

My eyes grew wide when I realized the special black wording with some wild flower crowning around the three letters. Letters just like I have ever seen before.

"Are you done?"

His question managed to grab my attention as he slowly walked up to me that still not moving a step from where I stood earlier. My foot are glued and I dont know why. I didnt expect this to happen and I am not ready.

"This is the second time I caught you staring, Anastasia." he spoke again as he draw nearer and closer. Towering me with his tall silhouette, I am loss for words.

This is not happening.

The person I am searching for is actually right in front of me? What is this? I am falling in love with an unknown but yet he is this close to me? So close that I may just touch? Or should I just hold him?

Drawing me nearer to him, my hand instantly hold his chest. In an attempt to make some space between us, my palm fall on his beautiful initial. Whoever the crafter, he had done a good job highlighting his name to a new level.

"AMQ." I whispered, almost incoherent but I know he heard me.

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