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***seriously unedited, :)***

Our awkward moments continued until we reached at my house later that night. I glanced slightly to my side when finally I gave up with the silent that surrounded us. Unfortunately, my eyes met his blue orbs again and instantly a rush of blood pumped up into my cheek making it uncomfortablely warm.

I am freaking blushed!

I quickly turned away when Alex awkwardly clearing his throat.

To say that this mess inside my head are slowly killing me is maybe too much. I keep myself busy fidgeting with the hem of my sweater as the car slowed down it pace and finally we entered into the porch. The butler is already waiting for us when the car finally stop.

"Ehm..we are here." Alex said sounded almost whispering to my ear. I nodded shyly and walked out of the car hesitantly.

"Wo-would you like to have some coffee?" I asked as he was about to reach for the front door. He immediately stopped midway and turned around to me thats still fidgeting with my sweater.

"Sure." he replied, short, and quickly wanted to go back to the car.

"We can walk." I said. Again, Alex stopped midway what he is about to do right then.

"Okay, then." Was only his answer and I quickly led him to the huge gate where we passed through earlier.

The awkward moment still continue as we walked side by side. I dont even know where to start a short conversation while he calmly just walked with me keeping my slow pace. Of course, I wanted to keep this moment. One of my favourite moment when I am here, is to walk alone down the street to my favourite cafe down the street.

The restaurant that served the best coffee. No fancy waiters, no fancy table, no high maintenance bar, just local food and local coffee where I barely had in my normal routine as a billionaire's daughter.

Yes, I am actually tired of the formalities.

"I have been here before." He said when we reached at the doorstep. My hand quickly pulled the doorknob and the bell started to chime.

Dont be surprise. This cafe doesnt care who you are. No one turning around to the door except for the waiters that walking all around the cafe picking up orders from their loyal customers. Yes, this is just a small cafe, like I said before. No wonder some of the customers probably their loyal caffeine addicts.

"You do?" I asked him when the waiter ar

." I answered carelessly but soon I regret what came out from my mouth.

He is a stranger, I shouldnt tell him about that nonsense thing.

"You dont know him?" And now he is starting to interrogate me.

What is this? An interview? Is there any camera hiding somewhere.

"No, I dont. I just know him from a note, he left before, in this cafe." My eyes lingered around for awhile around the cafe before they fell on my watch. It is almost ten and I think this is enough for today.

Sudden tiredness hit my eyes and my shoulder slumped a little bit as I lean against the chair. Playing with the cup of my almost finished coffee, I am starting to feel awkward.

Am I telling him too much now? Or does he think I am weird searching for something I may not get?

Well, there is always possibilities, am I right?

"Stacy." Alex sudden voice shaking my thought and I quickly looked up.

Hesitation was clearly on his face plastered like a mask. Well, maybe I am right.

"Okay, I think I am telling you too much, right. Its getting late. I guess we should go now." I cutting him off before he could even start talking.

Whatever his is about to talk maybe isnt a pleasing statement. I should have taken back what I had said earlier.

"Okay." His answer was short and its making me unplease. He should have told me something since I am telling him my secret. I never told anyone about that one secret that I keep.

And what am I thinking? Just now I am hesitating and now I want him to tell me something.

Urgh, very silly me.

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