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***unedited chapter***

"So, my lady. Where are we going after this?" Alex spoke just I am about to wipe my mouth with the napkin. I quickly answered with a wink and of course a loud laugh afterwards.

"Well, my kind man. Let me think first." I replied and standing up. Alex followed me quickly and walked along with me, side by side.

It is still a beautiful sunny day. The weather are just nice, nothing too hot and nothing too cold. I am glad with what I chose to wear earlier. A white sweater and a pair of boyfriend jeans. Not bad for an early summer wear.

I am thinking right about now, how it would feel to be in a very sunny country where they do not have four seasons each year. Enough with a little bit humidity from rain, and some good tan with the sun everyday. Enjoying a good refreshing wind by the sea would be a bless.

And now I am far from thinking about what I am going to do today.

A finger snapped in front of my eyes startled me. I looked to the owner and found Alex grinning like a mad man, again for the day, in front of me. He flashed his unusual beautiful smile and now I started to dream again.

"Enough with your dream, sweetheart, come on." he said grabbing my hand and led me somewhere into a mall. Wait, did he just called me sweetheart, again?

To be honest and considering that we do not have a solid plan for today, I thought that maybe we could just go for some movies after the brunch. But time moving so fast. As we strolling around the mall and do some window shopping here and there, I realized that we are getting late and now it is about half past five.

It is getting dark sooner than I thought and my legs too are slowly killing me. I glanced a little to Alex beside me, looking all red and exhausted. Suddenly I felt like laughing hard.

"What?" he said, raising both his eyebrows. I continued laughing until I am double exhausted and finally collapsed on the floor.

"Stupid." one word and now Alex burst out laughing too.

"And you just realize now?" He said joining me on the floor. What floor? Of course the mall

ne and only person that I rely on all this while.

My bodyguard.

But that doesnt matter for now, because I knew he maybe came in just to inform us about the commotion outside. What matters now is Alex and he is shielding me with his hooded sweater right about now.

Afraid that maybe someone is finally decided to barge into the stall, it is considered a reflex action that he is shielding me now. Protectively shielding me from flashes and clicking sound of the cameras that he failed to do earlier. Eventually I looked up to him towering above me.

I must say that it is actually a wrong move the moment my eyes meet his. His blue orbs meet my eyes and fixed on them. His eyes were just as beautiful as his smile and I am stunned. Mesmerized.

Our close proximity didnt even help me a bit but gave me a hot intense feeling swirling inside me. What is it with me? This weird feeling make its comeback but I felt something even more strong. A connection.

"Alex." I spoke trying to burst our little bubble.

Seeing that he is a little bit startle when I called him gaining a confused look on my face.

"That.. that is my bodyguard." I


He stared into my eyes once again as if my words are running inside my eyes searching for its meaning before he walked one step back and freeing me from his shield.

Strangely we felt awkward.

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