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**unedited chapter**

After talking to my father, regarding my whereabouts, and how he like it if I want to spend some more time here in our neighbourhood. Why? Of course because Derek is still here and are going to stay here for a quite some time until he settles all his preparation for his new office branch. What a son of a billionaire cant do, right?

But for now, since my father are so keen that I am spending some time on my own, then here I am standing in front of this wooden door trying to call the only person inside the room. I knocked once a second ago but silence greeted me. I frowned. Is he sleeping? Should I just go out alone like I used to do before?

Where is the fun then?

I knocked the door for the second time and I suddenly heard some sort of ringing inside the room. It is his phone and the phone instantly fell silent before the next rings. Then Alex isnt sleeping. Should I knock the door again or should I just leave him be?

Ah, I wanted to go out so bad, but I dont want to go out alone. What shall I do?

I should never give up, am I?

After a few moment of silence and I am sure I do not hear any sound of conversation inside the room, I raised my hand again attempting to knock the door. A small 'come in' suddenly heard from inside of the room and I quickly turned the doorknob. Blame me, I am just too excited to go out!

Upon entering the room for the second time that day, the smell of unused furniture was already gone. It is replace with masculine perfume and aftershave that were so unfamiliar to myself. The smell still lingered just like my eyes lingering around the room searching for Alex.

"Are you kidding me?!" I heard a sound from the balcony.

"No! I dont need a duet, I can do the singing on my own. I have been doing this for 10 years for goodness sake!" The voice raised one pitch. I kept silence and standing still in the middle of the room.

"No, I wont do that. And thats final." Finally, after a few minutes waiting, Alex came out of the room. His messy hair from earlier this morning looked even more messier and I cant help myself imagining running my finger all over his hair. Oh, what am I think

th myself, what I shall have for brunch, taking my tray, I quickly walked pass Alex and straight to the outdoor booth.

"Dont think me wrong, Stacy." Alex said behind me. I quickly turned around just to bump head first with his chin.

"Ouch!" I rubbed my now sore forehead.

"Oh, I am sorry. Is it hurt?" he asked me concern.

"No, its okay, lets just.. sit?" I answered and took my seat right in front of him.

"I am sorry, Stacy. Miscalculated." he said grinning. I just replied with a small smile and slolwly digging into my scrambled egg with avocados, of course, bacon on the side. Who refuse some golden crispy bacon, hm?

"So, where have you been all these time?" he continued to talk after having a bite of his beef burger. I raised my eyebrows. So, this topic earlier doesnt end, yet. I sighed.

"Fine, I tell ya." I said finally after dramatically rolling my eyes. Of course, gaining a loud chuckle from Alex frikin' McQueen.

"I was in boarding school. Then, I went to college but sometimes I manage my father's business. During holiday I worked with my father. Yes, I didnt have many friends, and all the friends that still stick to me are some from my childhood. The end." I told him. Short and simple. Note the sarcasm.

"Well, thats answer a few question." he said while taking another bite of his burger.

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