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Walking upstairs to the row of room, Alex kept whistlening to each of everything in the house. I cant help but laughing at his childish attitude. I dont know he can be this interesting. Well, I guess he can be. He is a rockstar, they got no attitude, well that was what I read about them.

During their early debut they were kind of rebellious. Scandals were everywhere and the last time they came out public they have to lay low for a few years. That could answer a few questions about the lack of sponsorship when they decided to make a comeback.

To be honest, they are good. Their music were good. They maybe just need a little bit more polish and a new way to republish their comeback. They have to realize the new wave that flow throughout the nation nowadays.

And that was what I am working on right now. I am searching for a good producer for them, for now.

"And this is your room." I spoke finally reaching in front of a huge door. Alex eyes fixed on me for a while before he turned to his side to the door. His eyebrows instantly rose.

"This is my room? I am staying at your house?" he said, surprised. I nodded, chuckling lightly to his surprised reaction.

"Yes and yes. Welcome to my house." I answered him playfully.

Seriously, I never thought I would ever see this side of Alexander McQueen. I never though I would find a friend that is a star. I never thought that I am bringing a friend here in my father's house. And I never brought any friends to my home.

This Alex in front of me make me do som

Isnt it is what I wanted everytime I meet him. Isnt it what I hope the moment he dropped me that night after dinner. And now I am running away because I am too shy of myself.

"I am going out in an hour. Want to come along?" I said as I reach to the door frame. I saw him looked at me for a while and nodded. He smile eventually and thats make me smile too.

Silently I nodded before I walked out of the room to my room right opposite to his. I am sure he didnt realize about my room whereabout when he was busy looking around the house earlier. A smile never fading from my face until I closed the door and stand againts it.

I hope he is never like anyone I ever know in my life. I really hope I can make up something out of this friendship. I really hope I find the one thing that can cure this loneliness. I want to have love, to be love like everyone else.

A ringing from inside my jacket scattered away my wishes and I quickly answer the caller. Exhaling a heavy breath I swiped the green button and answered the call.

"Hello, Father."

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