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"So you are saying that you came here for a short vacation." I said as we sat down on a booth inside the cafe somewhere in the airport.

"uhum." he replied while sipping in his morning coffee.

"Then, where are you staying? Do you have a plan since your manager and your brothers arent even here?" I continued asking questions.

"I am not sure yet. But its okay, there's a lot of hotel here, I can easily find one." he answered immediately. I just nodded to him but suddenly my phone beeping inside my jacket.

'I am going back to NY in an hour. Urgent.'

It was from my father. As always. Emergency matters always manage to make him hot on his seat, I mean, his vacation. Now, now, leaving me here alone in Amsterdam, no big deals. But what am I going to do here for the rest of the day.

"Stacy?" Alex voice instantly scattered away my thoughts.

I quickly looked up from my phone to questioning faced Alex in front of me.

"Oh, yeah. What is it you are saying?" I asked.

"Nothing. What's bothering you? Who is that?" he asked, concerned.

"Its my father. He is getting back to NY in an hour." I replied short, sipping in my smoothies.

"I see. So, what are you going to do today? Do you have to get back too?"

To be honest, yes, I have to get back too, later today. But right now, I dont know. I finally have a friend here to accompany me in this short escape. Shouldn't I enjoy the rest of the day and not bothering thinking about going back? Or should I just cut this day short and packing my bag already. Oh, I am confused.


o! They are two different story, Alex." I replied quickly after giving a hard smack on his shoulder.

"Ouch! Beware my precious shoulder, girl." he said chuckling.

"You did it first okay... Turn left at the junction." I replied quickly giving direction when we are getting near to the neighbourhood.

"Okay, okay... So, what about you? Didnt you has a love story?" he asked, turning slightly to me.

"Me? Nah, it wasnt that great. Having fake people around you did not bring any good, I think?" I answered. My hands keept giving directions to him.

"Yeah, I get that feeling. But..."

"We are here." I said as we drive through a huge gate of Ardell Mansion. I noticed he was gaping a little bit but I prevented myself from laughing hard to him.

"Woah.. This is real." I heard him whispered before he drove us into the porch and stop the car.

"Chill, this isnt too much, okay." I said as I unbuckled my seatbelt.

"Yeah, I mean, no."

I laughed.

"Come on, McQueen." I said before going out of the car.

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