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Finding Her Star (HRL) By N Shairah Characters: 5133

Updated: 2018-06-12 18:51

**unedited chapter, I will edit the whole story when I am done publishing all the chapters, thanks ?**

Today is the last day I am here in Amsterdam. The cold chilly air that surround me this morning make me shivered as I walked down the pathway to the garden just outside my room. Walking through the small balcony, I can already smell the scent of roses that lingered around me.

The roses bed slowly came to view as I walked slowly underneath the patio. My mother favourite spot whenever she was feeling stuffy inside the massive house. She was very loving and how she took a very good care of her flowers always made me proud. She was one of a kind and I always hope that someday I can be as strong as she was.

Her lovely strawberry blonde hair always caught my attention. Her soft but yet wavy hair always be my favourite. I remembered how she loved everything pink from the very soft pink to a hot bright pink, she will always said that they were cute in everything. Being the only little girl, I once had the experience of having a pink bedroom when I was little.

And the room was still there until she left us.

I missed you mom.

I walked inside the house just when the sun beginning to rise. The bright sunlight that penetrated through the thin curtains caught my attention. They were so beautiful that I hope someday my life would be like that also. A bright future with my future lover, more or like my husband and our beautiful kids.

Suddenly I remembered what Derek had told me yesterday. His long lost love.

till focussed on his phone, didnt realized that I am staring him for a quite second.

His hair that was messily covering his forehead and those jawline caught my attention. My eyesight continued observing him when they fell on the right ear where a familiar earing appeared before my eyes.

Wait a second.

My phone vibrate again suddenly as I am about to open my mouth.

'Done obeserving?'


"Excuse me, sir. Whoever staring at you, huh?" I said finally standing up to the man behind me.

As the man standing up, he chuckled lightly that his voice was so hoarsed and his perfume was so spicy that I almost melt to the floor. Oh, wait? What is this? This unfamiliar emotion that swirling inside me are coming again, after a few weeks.

"Hello, Stacy! Miss me?" he replied. Both his hand were inside his jeans pocket keeping himself, probably from hugging me? Ah, again this silly feeling.

"Alexander McQueen, what are you doing here? What is this with the fake messages?"

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