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***unedited and the song above clearly not related to this chapter, it is just one of my favourite! ***

Last night dinner at Valentino was amazing. The middle age woman, Cynthia, that used to cook for us back when we were little really knew how to mesmerize me. Her food were forever delicious and I cant help but to eat until my stomach really full. To be honest, its been a long time since I was in a good mood to eat.

Every single day was full of workloads and I only managed to grab lunch whenever I have very little time. And it was usually no longer than an hour before I had to rush to somewhere else. At night, I went home tired and the only food that go through my throat pipe was the regular orange juice.

And thats it.

Maybe moving out from my father's mansion wasnt really a good idea, but when will I be free from my family if it isnt right now. At the age of twenty three, and when exactly my father gave permission without a single compromise.

That was just good enough for me.

Although I should stop this habit of skipping diner and ask for someone or maybe a maid to prepare all of that for me.

No, I dont think so. If I really need a maid, I dont have to bother moving out, alright?

Staring deep onto the white flower engraved ceilings, I was wondering what will I do for today. Perhaps getting my hair done at my favourite saloon or maybe too having massage at my favourite spa. I dont know. And now how I wish I had girlfriends like anyone did.

Gwyneth, she isnt really my best friend, but she is good. She has been my friend since I was still a teenage when sometimes I stepped into the office building to help my father secured a deal. Well, being a beautiful billionaire's daughter really help him piling up his wealth.

But I gave up when

that I never would have know. But yet, she is so kind and really knows how to control her temper and jealousy when its come to the one she loved.

I think my drama had just failed.

"I am Anastasia, by the way. Anastasia Ardell." I said as Derek finished talking.

I holding out my hand towards her and exactly as I thought, she reached for my hand hesitantly. Her face held no emotion and she quickly pulled back her hand and stood up.

"Come on, Steph. This should be fun." I heard Derek while my eyes still focussed on her.

"Its okay. I am fine here. Beside, I am not hungry, yet." she replied while slowly backing away.

I followed her with my eyesight when she walked passed us straight to the pantry at the far corner of the hallway. The only room beside the massive CEO room on that floor.

As the door closed I looked up to Derek that still staring deeply onto the closed door.

"I like her already." I said. That sentences managed to grab Derek attention, again and he looked down to me immediately.

"You do?"

"Yes and come on, you have a lot to tell me!" I replied grabbing his hand and pushed the elevator button.

"Okay.. okay.."

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