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"Hey, bro!"

My head quickly jotted up at the voice that was slowly nearing me. I was sitting alone in the dark underneath a big apple tree in front of our house that was situated outskirts of the main town.

We chose this small house rather than a huge star mansion that mostly all artists will gladly stay and have parties every free weekends. But it wasnt us, or at least it wasnt me.

I dont like that kind of popularities and that was also the main reason our band came to this awfully hard situation. We have a lot of fans all over the world but we unable to grab the nation attention and possible sponsorship for our tour.

That was the purpose of a band right. The sole income that will feed most of our production team all these years. The management work very hard on getting a sponsorship for the whole team, but instead we got every different sponsors for each of us.

"Hey, whats up, Felix." I replied with a small smile, gesturing him to just sit already.

"I just had a talk with Jimm. How did you do that, huh?" he asked.

"Do what. What do you mean?" I asked him back, confused. Well, what did I do now.

"Yeah, you got her wrapped around your finger. She just agreed to sponsor us just after a small performance. Dont you think it was weird?"

"What are you talking about. It was our efforts, dont deny it. I am just doing my part. At least, by persuading her." I replied. At least trying to explain the whole situation.

Actually, I never thought any of them to think that I am whipped. But wait, whipped was actually a strong word. It isnt actually happened to me right?

I shook my head at the nonsense thought. Although the truth were I am distracted. I dont know what ever I felt after meeting her the first time that day. She was too pure and calm. Rather than a cold stunner billionaire's daughter. She was a chaos beneath.

I knew something were playing inside her head the moment she threw me that beautiful smile. Then, I remembered I have seen those smile before. And yes, I am very sure about it.

I have seen it before, the day I lounged alone in a cafe nearby our studio a few months ago. Yes, such a long time but yet, who ever forget those beautiful smile that appeared

ing to you, so I will just shut you out."

"Just a meet. At least as her friend. Can I, oh come on!" I said finally, impatient.

"No, Alex. Stacy wasnt even in the office today." and finally she spoke and sighed.

"Where did she go?" I asked when finally the elevator dings and a few people come out. Gwyneth nodded a little and move to the side giving them path to come out but no answer come out from her bright red lips.

"Miss Gee, please. You should know where did she go right?" I asked her as she was about to enter the elevator. She was hesitating a little and that make me made an offer that she probably hard to refuse.

"Okay, how about we make a deal? " I asked her again as we riding up the elevator. She immediately looked up and raised her eyebrows. Instantlyx a smirk formed on my face.

"Let see..." scratching my not so itched chin.

"How about I arrange a meeting with Felix.... No, I will arrange a date." I said and looked down to her that was a few inches shorter than me. She still keep her mouth shut but I can see her looking into the distant as if thinking.

"Or Max?" I tried again. I saw her looked up before her eyes meet mine. But still hesitation was formed on her forehead.

"Can you?" Finally she opened her mouth and I released a relief breath.

"Of course, they are my brother!" I said happily.


"Yes, we have a deal right?"

"Fine, but give me the detail first before I give you mine."


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