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My mood had change a lot lately. I dont know, I felt very positive every time I woke up in the morning and relief always with me before I went to sleep at night. I felt light and confident in every ways. Not that I am underestimating myself before, but I felt very bright and I think I know why.

I met Alexander McQueen and I am happy about it.

Just knowing him make me realized that I have so much more in my life. His love toward his band and how his team work last Friday night made me think through what I have been done in my whole life. I neglected the one that I love just because I lost one of them, a very long time ago.

I guessed, the phrase let bygones be bygones was true.

I dont have to reflect what happen in the past just to ignore my father that literally living in my present and my future. I have to make up everything and apologise. Then maybe too he will take back what he had arrange for me before and we can finally lead our life in a better way.

Delete this cold Anastasia Ardell and reformed with a new Stacy Ardell.


Because at least I should keep the name that my mother used to call me. I missed her so much.

I walked out of my bathroom and walked straight into the walking wardrobe. I needed to catch a flight today and I have a few more hours before my father called up for me. My luggage was already downstairs, being picked up by the housemaids earlier. I sighed. No I dont need to sigh. This short trip to our hometown should be my chance to talk over with my father.

Reminiscing our good oldtime in our old house. It was smaller than this freaking mansion but it was where we actually started. The house was where I was born and grew during my childhood before I was sent to a boarding school. That was when I lost my good friend and

ered the room.

"Sir, Mr. Davis is here." he said first thing. My father looked up from the newspaper and gave the man a slight nod.

"And the car was ready anytime you want to go." he added before dismissing himself out of the door.

I continued sipping my last drop of champagne while my eyes scanning both my father and his assistant. My eyebrows furrowed as the way the talked to each other secretly and sometimes whispering to each other. Most of the time Mr. Davis would showed him something on his tab while my father frowned.

More business issues. I thought.

"Father, its time." I said as I glanced at my wristwatch. My father looked up to me and immediately his frown soften.

"Marion, keep me update with this issues. I will meet you the first thing when I get back here." he said as he stood up and walked to the door. I quickly grabbed my handbag on the counter and followed.

Mr. Davis looked up to me when my heels clicking sounds echoed inside the room and immediately gave me a slight nod and smile unknowingly. I frowned but smile eventually.

I shall not let that simple yet awkward gestures ruining my day, right?

So, hometown, here I come!

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