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The awaiting Friday night finally came by and I was driving alone in my red Audi on my way to the dinner venue. My father wanted me to take the driver but I quickly refused as I dont want to disturb his weekend with his family. Its Friday night, he probably wanted to have a proper dinner with his beloved family after a full week following my father around the globe.

Upon arriving at the venue, people were already started to walk into the hall with all their fancy clothing and here I was just wearing a simple dress from Versace. I didint really have time to shop the dress myself since my father decided to arrive early this morning with all his various story from his vacation.

I took a deep breath and slowly released them before I went out of the car and gave the keys to the valet boy that politely waiting for me a few minutes ago. I gave him a small smile and mumbled a short sorry before quickly headed inside the hall.

Although I said I just wore a simple dress that night, but I thought I still get the lingering eyes from everyone in the hall. Perhaps because I am one of the most important person for the night, or maybe too because I had to walk down a long aisle towards my table at the very front of the stage. But still I dont want this kind of attention. Its felt awkward.

Gwyneth was already comfortably sat down on one of the chair along with the manager from the marketing departments and his wife. Also there a few more people from my company in which will involve in this decision of choosing The Queen as our new products representative. The contract will exceed up until the next product lauching and it was estimate by the end of next year.

Hence, we have to make a wise choice and pick a raising star that for sure will bring us fortune by fortnight. I really hope I made the right choice of shortlisting this band into my list of candidates. And they were the last one among the other performances and castings that had been done throughout these few months.

I sat down on my designated chair, between Gwyneth and the manager. Thought I saw his ebony wife next to him and immediately I flashed a small smile. I mean no harm here.

My innocent smile apparently caught unnecessary stare from the manager himself. I sat down quickly and stay quite on my seat. Gwyneth beside me had already clasping her hand together, feeling excited for the show

"Thank you for saving me from Ken, and accepted being my fake boyfriend and still waiting for me after that." I added. He smiled softly and his hand brushing a strand of hair that was sticking on my forehead.

"Its okay. I was outside anyway, sending all the musical instruments into the van when I heard your voice." he explained. I nodded and started to walk.

"So, who is this Ken?" he asked after a while and walked side by side with me. I looked at him for a second before I spoke.

"He is my ex boyfriend." I said.

"More like, boyfriend with benefits." I added. Alex started to frown.

"Well, apparently I am a billionaire's daughter, the only heir and he came over for every benefit I can give to him." I explained casually. I saw him nodded to me from my peripheral views and sighed.

"You may think I am freak right?" I blurted out as we reached to the entrance. He looked at me with a confuse eyes.

"Why do you think that?" he replied.

"I dont know, maybe because I am a cold person most of the time. I had a boyfriend, well now he is an ex, and he was anything but a jerk to me."I stated.

He looked at me and a soft smile appeared on his face. I know his smile was sincere. Tell me, I have met with a lot of fake smile for all my life and his smile was another thing among the many others that managed to light up some spark in my heart. Hard to believe, but I expecting those smile since the last day I met him.

Eventually I smile back.

"Thanks for tonight, Alex." I said as I opened the main door again.

"Anything for you, Anastasia."

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