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**unedited, feel free to point out any mistake and I will fix it later**

"How did you know about this place?" I asked him as we entered the small dining cafe somewhere at the back alley of the town. I heard him chuckled and at the same time stripped down his jacket. I followed put.

"The perks of being famous, me too, doesnt want anyone to disturb my meal time." he replied nonchalantly. I nodded quickly agreed with his answer.

To be honest, as a billionaire's daughter, me too, doesnt want anyone to disturb my alone time. That's also the reason why I preferred to dine alone at home, or at the cafe nearby my parent's house. That was the only place I was familiar and easily I can escape if anything bother.

"It was a nice place." I said and sat down on one of the chair inside the secluded booth. A waiter came over and took our orders immediately without wasting any time.

"It is. Its warm and cozy in its own way." he replied. Yeah, I agreed with that too.

Later after that, our dishes were sent over and we dig in instantly. My stomach had growling since that early evening and I cant help myself when the gourmet dishes were served in front of my eyes.

I have been wondering, when was the last time I had this homecook cousine, and finally I gave up. It was a long time ago. Once when my mother was still here, still in this mere world.

My eyes suddenly caught a glimpse of an old couple at a far corner of the cafe. They were hugging, and kissing lovingly, no matter how many eyes were watching them. I can feel their love even if I am just a stranger that happened to watch their loving gesture.

I remembered, my parents used to be like that before.

"They were the owner of this restaurant." I heard a voice taking me back to reality. I quickly looked at Alex in front of me, half way through h

y silent and sometimes I heard him hummed to the song from the radio. I sighed when I realised I was being too cold just now. Just the way I used to be all this time.

"Alex, I am sorry." I blurted out after a moment. I can see his body stiffen a little but eventually relaxed afterwards.

"I understand, Stacy." he replied, short.

"No, you don't. I am always this kind of girl." because I learnt the hard ways to build up this wall, I spoke the rest in my mind.

Silence surrounded us again for the rest of the drive. I choose to keep my mind wondering around and he too choose to ignore me that was just sat beside him.

We both suddenly sighs in unison as his car approaching the company's pavilion. I quickly looked at him, a questioning looked was obviously plastered on my face.

"I love your smile." he said softly as I unbuckled my seatbelt and ready to go out of the car. I looked up at him for a while before I quitely jumped off the car and walked away.

I know that moment I am being ignorant, but no one knows what was swirling inside me. I am confused yet I am happy. Why?

Because no one ever mention about my smile, and I got three from the same person.


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