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A knock on the door startled me from what I was doing on my laptop. I looked up slightly to the door before I glanced to the wall clock at a far corner of my room. It was almost 5 in the evening. Gwyneth probably getting ready to go home.

I sighed. Among the seven days that I have throughout the weeks, I only got this time to held a meeting with The Queen. Considered that they were just wanted to meet because of an invitation then I agreed. Who ever want a stranger to disturb them after the working hour?

"Come in." I said.

Instantly, Gwyneth slipped through the door and walked up to me. She looked ready to clock out by looking at her handbag and her free hand. Usually she would bring her tab along whenever she came inside my room.

"The Queen representative are here." she said when she saw me raised my eyebrows. I made a small smile and nod.

"Let him in. And you can go home." I said.

"Are you sure, I can wait...."

"I can manage." I said strictly, cutting her off. I saw she frowned a little and slumped her body like a little kid. Well, that was weird.

"Okay, then." she said short, and walked slowly towards the door. I heard her mumbled a small bye and the door was closed again.

Not a minute later the door opened again and a silhouette of a man slipped through. I took my time from looked up to the man and finished my last words on the laptop.

Suddenly I felt silent surrounded us as neither one of us started to talk. I frowned and quickly shut off my laptop and closed it.

"Good even...." we both said in unison as I was about to stand up. I immediately looked up to the voice that was just spoke and my eyes froze.

Honestly, I think everything was stopped at the moment. Even I can not hear the clock ticking or even the honking of car down the street below was suddenly no more. What had happened?

This is the death of me. I heard a voice at the back of my head. Is this real?

The man that was standing in front of me looked me direct into my eyes. His stormy grey eyes caught me of guard and I felt my hand trembled. This is it. I though. I never see him before but his beautiful grey eyes were mesmerizing and seems familiar.

They were like a storm in the middle of an open sea. So strong yet so cold and warm at the same time. Is that even exist? Oh, I just created a nonsense idiom am I?

What was happening to me?

I heard someone cleared his throat when I suddenly came back to reality. I shook my head slightly before smoothing my not so crumpled blouse.

"Oh, sorry." I said, as I felt my cheeks grew a total crimson red. I heard a small chuckled and quickly looked up again to him.

The smile.

"Seriously, I am sorry. I may be too tired after a long day of work." I explained myself, of course, bluffing.


Its okay madam. I understand." he replied after giving me a slight nod. I managed to create a small smile before I walked slowly to the couch at a corner of my room.

"So, I thought your manager are going to come today." I said as I sat on the single couch. I gestured him to sit and he quickly obeyed.

"Thank you, Mrs Ardell...."

"Just Stacy." I cut him off.

"Okay, Miss Stacy." he continued. I instantly rolled my eyes but let him continued to speak anyways.

"My manager actually didnt know that I am coming over."

"Why?" I asked him.

"You know we got some issues regarding the sponsorship, and they are mainly because each of us are wanted by every different companies." he explained. I continued listening as he continued to speak.

"The things were, I loved this band and I dont want them to separate. We are brothers, not only in a band, but also by blood. I really love this family and I hope I can do something about it." he finished. I nodded slowly, and exactly understand what he was trying to say.

"Alex.. Alex right?" I started. I saw him nod and continue to speak.

"We are not going to separate you from your team. Please do not worry. Your fan wont like that and I am afraid we are in a win win situation where your lost may also be our lost." I said.

I looked up slowly to him and I saw a little bit of smile on his beautiful face. Wait?

"Thank you, Stacy. I think the rumours about a snobbish and ruthless Ardell were all wrong." he said chuckling a little.

"Please, no. I have enough of what my father did before." I replied smiling honestly to him.

"I know. And I hope our venture will bring you even more fortune someday." he said.

"Thank you, Stacy, for having me at this late hour. Its already past working hour." he said, glancing to his wristwatch. I quickly nodded and stood up.

"Yeah, we can just end our meeting here if there is no more question in your head." I said, jokingly.

"Yeah, or can I treat you to some dinner, you know for at least getting to know each other." he said. I scrutinized my eyes and think for a moment.

"Its okay if...."

"No, I am fine." I quickly replied. I saw his eyebrows furrowed.

"I mean, I would love too." I said, clearing my dried throat. A smile plastered on my face.

"You do?" he asked.

"Yes, how about now. I didnt have a proper lunch because of the works." I replied.

"Oh, okay."

"Lets go, " I said, quickly grabbed my handbag and turned off the lights of my office.

He walked faster past me and swiftly opened the door.

I smiled as a meaning of thank you before I continued walking side by side with him.

"You have a beautiful smile." he blurted, suddenly, after a moment just before we entered the elevator. I frowned.

What did he say?

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