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I poured some orange juice and sipped them slowly as I looked down to the street below from my penthouse's balcony. I have just move out from my father's mansion last week and still in the mood of unpacking my things. Although he didnt really agreed with me, but I managed to coax him that I wanted to find my own space and wanted to try to do everything with my own ways.

I can easily hired a maid or helper to help me up, but I chose to sort my things myself. I can settle down my thing the way I liked, differs from what my old room had ever be since I was kid.

The sounds of car horn and the blinking lights down below suddenly catched my eyes. They suddenly seems to look beautiful with colourful lights from the bar signboards, the traffic lights and even the lights from the billboards.

I admitted that nowadays advertiser preferred flat screen boards that emitted advertising just like you ever watched in the television. And it was successful. People actually were more advanced than advertiser company and advertiser have to be more advanced than them.

That was exactly the point that I always mentioned in our weekly meeting. Every employees in my company I ordered them to be a few steps ahead of their target market. So then they wont missed anything between them and their soon to be clients.

I sighed.

Even at home I was still thinking about work. I dont know when I will have the time to find the love of my life. I never thought about it. And maybe that was why my father decided to arrange my marriage. Maybe he was finally sicked of me always eluded when he even started to mention about my life partner.

I am 23 years old, and my father treated me like I am going to be a spinster in a couple of days.

Actually I have tried to fall in love before. That was before I was cheated with a one night stand that he found in a crappy bar. I dont know his taste was a blonde, big breast woman with typical skim

py clothes that barely cover her body.

That day I found them cheating in his apartment, I swore I was going to rip his ball out of his sack if he ever mentioned of coming back to me again. After all the years that we met since we were in college, he dared to stab my back. All for a fucking title and a freaking good position in my father's company.

Trust was no more in my dictionary.

I walked back into my room when I felt the chill air slowly surrounded my body. I was greeted with a ding from my phone and the screen blinked with red colour at the right corner. I put the glass on the small table and grabbed my phone.

It was an email from Gwyneth, and it was about The Queen. Instantly I pushed the dialled button and called Gwyneth.

"Gee, what I told you about working after hour." I said quickly as I heard a small sound through the phone.

"Yes, I remember but I just read the email just now and to think that it was within this week, I thought I should tell you immediately." she explained. I sighed slowly.

"Fine, what is it Gee?"

"The Queen wanted to meet you before the performance. Maybe a few days before. They want to personally give the invitation to you." she replied.

"That's it?" I asked her.

"Yes..yes.. that's it. But you have a few appointments and meetings this week, do you think you can handle one more simple meeting?" she asked me back. I rubbed my chin for a while.

"Browse through my schedule, and find around an hour for the meeting with them. Strictly tell them to be punctual." I said, finalizing every words. I can imagine Gwyneth nodded her head slowly as she jotted down the information.

"Okay, that was all Stacy." She said finally after a moment.

"Okay, see you on Monday." I said and cut off the line.

Well, the meeting have to be good and successful, I got limited time and so far their band was the best that had already caught my eyes.

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