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Friday came by quickly than I ever thought. I was creating my own little bubble of dream inside my massive ceo room when Gwyneth entered my room without knocking them first. I looked up to the door with a questioning look on my face.

"Anything you wanna tell me better be good." I cut her off seeing her gasping for air. What did this girl do huh? Running a marathon inside the office?

"The Queen have set the date for the perfomance." she said.

That was why she was running earlier. Gwyneth and The Queen. A die hard fan in which I thought she would die if the band finally separate. To be honest, I dont think they needed to separate their own way. They just need to find a wise sponsorship which what I had been doing for these few weeks. Thinking about a good opportunity to sign them up for our latest product.

For that to be done, I have to ensure they are still together and their fan were still counting higher every weeks. That was the use of the fan club that they had created. I have to supervise the fan counting and now, I wanted to see how good they were through their performance.

"Yes, Gwyneth, please continue." I answered her with a small smile plastered on my face.

"It was next week, for the charity event of Malibu Association, a foundation for cancer patients." she said.

"It was estimated to start between 7 to 8 pm, after all the VIP guests arrival and we are one of them. The event was actually a charity dinner and we are to be the dress accordingly. I will send the detail to your email." She added. I nodded slightly before I spoke.

Another event in the weekends. That was why my father never at home during my younger years. He was always out with business companions either to secure projects or to leisurely having time for himself. Although I knew he had a few scandals with women throughout the years, I respect him for never bringing them home.

"Okay, Gwyneth. Please clear

up my schedule on Friday. I will take a day off before I am going to the charity. Are you coming?" I asked her. She quickly nodded eagerly.

"Of course. Free opportunity plus I dont have anything to do that day." she said happily. I chuckled a little at her behaviour.

Later that day I finished up my works and continued reschedule my meeting for the week. I thought I may have to settle at least half of my works before I take a day off next week. I sighed.

The works kept piling up at the end of the day and I was already exhausted. I looked up to the wall clock and rest my back against the comfy chair. A day have flew by and I didnt even notice.

Suddenly I missed the old me when I was in college. All free and did not have problem to be bothered with. My father let me free because he knew, once I was done with the university's life, I would be tied for him. As long as I still wanted to inherit his business, then he was okay with anything I wanted to do during my study.

I slumped my body and released a huge breath. I dont think I have a thought in his decision. But I am a grown up girl. I am a lady. I can have my own space too. I just need to coax him a little bit more. Maybe his little escapade to Greece had opened up his mind, just a little is enough.

Finally I saw a little bit of light. Yes, I can discuss this again with him, some other time.

I took a glance at my wristwatch and quickly stood up. It was almost 8 pm and my stomach has started to growl a few minutes ago. I flicked off the lights and walked slowly to the elevator.

Its Friday night, and I was still alone.


Hi, lovelies!

Another filler chapter before we start into their dramatic journey.

I am telling you, this story may contain a little bit of drama and of course kind of heavy reading different from my other books.

So, put your seatbelts on, and enjoy the ride!!



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