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I heard Gwyneth recited the entertainment news in front of me as we gathered in my office for my today's schedule. I instantly rolled my eyes.

Gwyneth was my secretary as I am the Chief Executive Officer of my father's company. Formerly it was my father, but right now he was taking his time, leisurely taking a break in Greece. He said that he had worked for so many years and now it was his time to rest.

I was not very pleased with his decision, but considering that he was my father, I agreed anyway. To think that he was not in the office for a quite sometimes was actually good. At least I dont have to hear about he blabbering me again about my marriage.

Please, I just wanted to enjoy my life for a few more years. Or more. I dont know.

"Rumours were heard that they had internal issues regarding the sponsorship for their next roadtour....."

"Gwyneth." I said. I saw her quickly looked at me from her tab with a questioning look. I raised my eyebrows immediately.

"Oh, I am sorry." she said as she swiping her tab for my schedule.

"So, for today, you have a meeting with Mr. Valentino and his lawyer at 11 pm. He wanted a casual meeting and it was to be held here, in your office." Gwyneth started reciting the schedule. I nodded slightly while joting a memo on my phone.

"After lunch, you will have a meeting and a small hi tea with The Queen's manager, regarding their sponsorship for their next roadtour." I looked up to her telling her to continue.

"As per meeting that you had held before, you are going to watch their performance but the date and the venue are yet to be decide." she continued and finished reciting about my schedule's description.

Gwyneth was dismissed right after she was done with her task for that morning. Leaving me alone with a pile of work that had to be done before I settle down for the day. I had

answered a few calls from the production management before a loud knock echoed throughout my room.

"Come in, " I said, very short.

The door was slowly opened and a man slipped through. Derek Valentino walked up to me that was still sitting comfortably on my chair and sat on one of the chair in front of me. Kevin followed put.

I eventually glanced to my wristwatch when I realised they were an hour early than their appointment. I rolled my eyes. These two guys in front of me just knew where to hit my nerve. Well, I am not saying that I hate them early but I may be very please if they can be puntual. To think of it, they were punctual but a little bit early.

Or whatever.

"Good morning guys." I said, faking a shock expression on my face. Both of them chuckled lightly.

"Very funny right? Way too early for our meeting." I cut them off.

"Relax, Stacy. We were going for breakfast, thinking of asking you to come along." Derek said.

"Yeah, we can just have our discussion over breakfast." Kevin added beside him.

"How about, we discuss right now and head off to breakfast later, hm?" I said, asking them afterwards. I saw both of them frowned before eventually they sighs in unison.

"Fine." They both said.

To think that I have my utmost power in my own office managed to make me laugh at their behaviour. After a few months of not meeting them, I really missed my old friends. The only friends that knew me more than my father did.

Derek Valentino, how am I suppose to be your wife soon. I will never going to love you more than a brother. Plus you already had your eyes set on someone back in your highschool. How am I suppose to tell my father about this? I have to plan something, for both Derek and me.

I hummed to a unanimous song and started our two hours meeting smoothly after that little bit of daydreams. Luckily both guys in front of me didnt notice.

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