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   Chapter 5 Strange note.

Gothic Riddles By Siddharth Singh Characters: 798

Updated: 2018-06-09 11:08

A few years ago, my older brother went crazy. He stabbed my sister to death and attacked my parents. The police managed to subdue him before he killed them too. He's been in a mental hospital ever since and we never visit him.

This morning, we got a letter from him in the mail. The postmark was yesterday. I opened it and inside, I found a strange note:

"Tonight the wind blows colder still.

All I know is darkness, never light.

The pain will break strongest hearts.

My dreams still escape my grasp."

I couldn't make sense of it, so I went to the kitchen and gave it to my mother. As soon as she finished reading it, her face went pale and the note slipped from her fingers. She rushed to the front door and started screaming. what was in that message? why was she screaming?

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