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   Chapter 38 no.38

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Ellen's POV

" I am really sorry to disturb you Ellen, I hope you were not busy, it's really urgent." Mr. Reynold's stated from across the line.

I glanced at the sleeping figure beside me. I saw him snuffling while sleeping. His features were soft. Well, he looks cute like this.


Did I just say that?

Scratch that. Don't blame me. I am not a whore or something. I just wanted a distraction. Seeing Ray and that bitch today in the canteen made me puke my guts.

Probably he needs distraction too.


"Ellen?" Mr. Reynolds's voice brought? me back to the reality.

", I am not busy Mr. Reynolds. " I replied.

"Good. So we have a problem here Ellen." Mr. Reynolds said. It just made me nervous. I just hope there is not a problem with the plan. If the plan goes wrong Raymond will never be mine. That whore will never leave him.

I swallowed the huge lump that formed in my throat and replied.

"That is..?"

" The photocopy of the papers were stolen from my cabin today-"


"Ahhem...Well, listen to the whole story Ellen. I forgot those papers on my desk at home and I think Raymond saw them and took them away." He replied in a slightly frustrated tone across the line.

There my plan goes into gutter.

I can't let this happen. Raymond is fucking MINE!

"What do you want me to do Mr. Reynolds?" I asked calmly. I knew there is no point arguing with him about this. Besides they were not the original documents. It was only a photocopy.

" I want you to tell her everything. Now." He replied.

"Now? I was suppose to tell her all this on the graduation day, Mr. Reynolds." I replied.

"Well, Ellen unfortunately you have to do this right now. The Documents are signed by Sophie and If Raymond talks to her about this, they will know who is behind all this."


He is right. If Raymond finds out that I am the one who got those Documents signed by Sophie he will rip my throat off. Just seeing them both together is so painful for me.

It's better if I execute the plan now.

It's better if she doesn't talk to him after today.

It's time to put an end to their relationship.

"Alright Mr. Reynolds, you keep Raymond distracted. I'll

nnot be fake.

" How can he be so low! He used Sophie from the starting. He is NOT serious about this relationship. How will I tell this to her? She is madly in love with him." This time it was Dany, his voice was a mixture of various emotions, hurt, fury, rage and anger.

I couldn't see anything. Everything in front of me became blurry. That's when I realized I was crying. Tears were streaming down my face like there is no end.

"That was his PLAN! To make her fall in Love. NOW since he's done with her....I-I am afraid he will leave her." She said in a sad tone. It's like she is pitying me.

Goddammit I don't want anyone's sympathy.

"He never loved her Daniel. This is why he use to come to me at night

Whenever he felt alone!" I heard her say and these were the last words I heard after this everything happened suddenly.

I couldn't breathe anymore.

I couldn't stand anymore.

My legs had no strength left to hold my weight and I fell on the floor.

One second everything was spinning and next second everything went black.

Black. Like my life.

I wanted to die.

I know you will not do something you will regret in future, Soaf.

My body started shaking at these thoughts.

I believe you and your decisions.

Mom. I let her down too.

Why am I so gullible. Why?

I'm just done with this world hurting me.

I'm done with everything. I just want to die.

And with that my head hit the ground and? everything went blank.


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