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   Chapter 37 no.37

Stuck With Mr. Popular By no_one_finds_me Characters: 10986

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3 months Later

Ellen Whitmore's POV

For the nth time my phone started buzzing and I ignored. God, whosoever was disturbing me was going to face my wrath if it isn't for a good reason. I didn't even look at the caller ID. I assumed it to be that nicompoop Daniel. He's the one who keeps disturbing me asking about the plan and stuff.

Finally my phone stopped buzzing. I sighed.

I really need to relax right now.

I buried my head more into the chest of the guy I hooked up with. We met at a party tonight and I so wanted to release my stress. It's been a while since I got laid now.

As soon as I started to drown in my unconsciousness my fucking phone started buzzing again.

Irritated, I got up and grabbed my phone which was lying on the nightstand.

Mr. Reynolds?

Okay this is so unexpected. I glanced towards the time.

12:37 a.m

Why the heck Mr. Reynolds is calling me so late? Without giving it much of a thought I swiped the screen and answered the call.

"Mr. Reynolds?" I asked.

"Hello Ellen. Sorry for disturbing you so late."

"It's fine Mr. Reynolds. What made you call me this late?"

"Well, I've been thinking about the plan you told me. Umm...and I think I'm up for it. I cannot let my company's heir runaway from his responsibilities. Besides I'll do anything to keep my son to myself." he replied from the other side of the line

Although I was squealing in happiness inside, I didn't show it. Not even on the phone. The last thing I want is to show Mr. Reynolds how much I want Raymond for myself.

I took some deep breath to calm my excitement and replied

"That's very well Mr. Reynolds, I'll help you in any way I can."

"Sure Ellen. Documents will be ready by tomorrow. I will sent them to your house and then you can carry your work from their. I hope you know what you have to do?" he asked.

I can't believe he asked me this. God, he's such a dumbo. I was the one who proposed this plan to him and this asshole is asking me whether I know my part or not. He's too blockhead for a scientist.

" Yes Mr. Reynolds. I am well aware of my job. Thank you for giving it a shot." I replied.

"Ahh..cut the formalities Ellen, instead I should thank you. You are helping me in securing my Company's Future. This means a lot. Thank you."

"It's nothing Mr. Reynolds." I replied with a smile on my face. Although I know he cannot see that and that's why I'm smiling. I don't care what his fucking company does. I am least interested in it's future. All I care about is Raymond and me.

Sophie Esinberg's POV

Finals are coming!

It's hardly any time left. Well, okay it's almost a month left for preparation but still. There is so much course to do and so little time is left. Gish, I have no idea how will I manage it.

What if I don't get the scholarship I applied for. Well shit, I cannot let that happen. Mom has been saving money since a year now but I know I'll require more. Well I got some money when I won The Intern Award months ago but still even if I include them, we'll be short of money.

I have to get that scholarship. That's it.

I glanced at the watch.

1:25 p.m

Raymond and I decided to meet at the library at 1:30. It doesn't matter that Raymond and I are in a relationship now, I still teach

y mouth as soon as Claire finished her last sentence.

She blushed.

"Does he know it was him?" I asked out of curiosity.

She nodded.

"No wonder Chase asked me to give this to you" I said as I took out that small paper bag and and hand it over to her.

She took out the teddy bear and opened it through a small opening below it. A small piece of paper fell down on the table.

We both looked at it and then suddenly Claire bent down and took it. As soon as she read it her eyes widen and she gasped in shock. In the mean time I quickly messaged Chase.

The piece of paper fell on the floor from Claire's hold and in front of us stood Chase with a sheepish smile on his face, his eyes twinkling and his hands shoved inside the pocket of his jeans. No wonder his look was like the typical Boy-next-door look, all cute and stuff.

After few seconds Claire just nodded and ran towards Chase like her life depends on it and as soon as their body crashed Chase enclosed her in his embrace. I sat there all confused.

I gave a look at the paper.

It said 'Will you go to the Prom with me Gummy bear?'

I smiled at this. Cute.

This is when the realization hit me. Annual School Prom. It's only two weeks later.

Well, there is nothing to get excited about. No one has even asked me yet ( by no one I mean Raymond. Of Course who else will ask me anyway). To say that I was disappointed would be an understatement.

I cleared my throat to bring them back from their little bubble. Both of there heads snapped towards me, I gave them an awkward smile. Then suddenly Claire's facial expression changes and her eyes widen with realization of what I have no idea.

I gave her a confused look while she just pointed towards the area where all the banners were hanging.

I glanced there and my heart stopped beating.


Because there was this really really big beautiful banner with 'Will you be my date on the prom, princess?' written on it.

"Fuck yes" Were the only words that could escape my throat.

"Thanks but I didn't expect you swearing." Said Ray, he was standing just behind me, my back was touching his chest.

Wait...when did he come here?


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