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   Chapter 36 no.36

Stuck With Mr. Popular By no_one_finds_me Characters: 9826

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Sophie Esinberg's POV

I sat there quietly, absorbing all that Raymond has said. Registering everything in my mind. Slowly.

Should I believe him?

Maybe. I don't know. I want to but what If he breaks my trust?

I glanced at him. His eyes glimmering under the sunlight which illuminated the room but there is something more. His eyes. Those beautiful blue eyes were pleading. Pleading me to trust him. How can I resist them?

Besides relationships are all about trust right?

It's all about a leap of faith. Right? Raymond has never made me feel uncomfortable. He had always shown his trust in me. I think it's my time to give him back what he deserves.

And then, I smiled. I smiled to assure him that I trusted him. The pain which I=his eyes reflected was diminishing slowly. I saw that pain disappearing and gradually a warmth made way in his eyes. With that he hugged me like his life depends on it, like there his no tomorrow. I was crushed in his embrace.

At that moment everything felt right. Everything came back to life.

I wrapped my arms around his torso tightly. He felt like Home.

He slightly pulled away and said

" By the way congratulations. Though I'm hurt you didn't tell me that you were working for my Dad."

"I wanted to surprise you." I replied. I don't know why but there was something which was still hurting inside me.

He sighed.

"I am sorry. Danny told me that you worked really hard to win the Award and I ruined it. I am so stupid princess, I shouldn't have gone there. I should have said No to dad. Hell, I don't even know why dad compelled me to go with Ellen in the first place. He never did something like this earlier."

"It's okay Ray. It's done." I said. I don't know what else to say. I think if he would've told me about taking Ellen as his date It wouldn't have hurt that much. But he didn't. That hurts.

"No, I am sorry Soaf. If I knew you were going to be there I would have said no to dad or Ellen. It's better to reject this stupid offer than to hurt you and I promised. I promised that I won't hurt you. Ever. I am so sorry." The last part came out as a whisper. I knew he was hurting. He was hurting because he hurt me even though it was unintentional. He was hurting because I cried.

I didn't think much. I crashed my lips against his. That's the best I could come up with. I kissed him with everything I have. To show him that I love him.

We pulled apart slightly as Ray whispered to me

" I love you princess" his warm breath was fanning my ear causing a tingling there.

Then he slowly brought his lips to mine. This kiss was full of sweetness. It was a tender one.

" have a visitor, Kim." someone said. I glanced behind Ray and saw Danny standing at the door of my ward. I don't know but I always felt this bond between Danny and I. Nothing Romantic, only platonic. But ever since I started Dating Ray, Danny has been away from me. He alway

ged out of the door. I waited for sometime outside the ward.

I waited for Ray to notice that I'm gone and come out of the damn fucking bitch's ward.

I waited for about five minutes.


He didn't come out.


I have to do something. Something big. Something that really leaves Sophie as the culprit.

There is only one person who can help me. Daniel.

I have to talk to him.

So I decided to call him. After a few times bell rung he finally decided to answer.

"what now?" he yelled at a really annoyed tone from the other side.

" Don't shout. You were the one who came to me for help, not me alright?"

He sighed in loss.

"Good. Now you have to tell me something about Sophie, something only you know. Something really secretive." I whispered as I started walking towards the parking lot.

"Umm..I can't remember anything as such." he replied.

"How do you expect me to help you huh? Tell me something which only you know not even Ray!"

" How do I know what Kim has told that bastard?huh?"

"c'mon..anything?"I pushed him so that maybe he can recall anything.

"" although it was an statemnt it came out as a question.

Ohh god. This guy is really an idiot.

He's getting on my nerves now. How can he be so dumb.

"Listen, if you tell me something secretive, something personal like about when you kissed Sophie I can use something like that to prove Raymond that Sophie is cheating on her...then you can have Sophie and I'll have Ray. So...?" I asked.

"Sorry to disappoint you El but Kim and I never kissed. We didn't do anything which could be considered as cheating. Neither do I know anything which is of your use."

Fucking Damn bitch. She rreally was miss goody two shoes. She have nothing against her.

"Okay bye" I hung up.

As soon as I reached to my car. I slide in the back seat and ordered my driver

"Take me to Mr. Reynolds's office"

He is my last hope now.


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