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   Chapter 34 no.34

Stuck With Mr. Popular By no_one_finds_me Characters: 10974

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Sophie Esinberg's POV

It's been a week since my birthday and yes today is the day Raymond will be coming back from the football camp. School bus will reach around five in the evening and I have to go there to pick Ray. He said he has something important and wants me there. So I have to sneak out of the Office for an hour or two, I guess. I hope for whatever ray is calling me it doesn't take too much time because I have to get back to the Office and complete my today's task.

From the past one week, I've been working with all my energy. I have these bags under my eyes because of the lack of sleep I had last week. I just hope Ray doesn't notices it. I don't want to give him an explanation about why I wasn't sleeping well past week.

I glanced at my clock.

It's already 4:30!

Swiftly I packed my bag and left the Office quietly while my gaze on the floor. We aren't allowed to leave the Office building until it's Lunch time or our shift is over. Well, in my case it's none so practically I'm ditching my work. I can't believe I'm the one doing this.

I've never even bunked a class and here I am trying to sneak out of my office only to catch up with my boyfriend ( Who happens to be indirectly my boss).

Okay that was awkward.

I won't call him my boss, it sounds like I'm some slut.

I finally pulled away in the school's parking lot and saw already parked bus there.

That means they've already reached.

Well, shit.

I went rushing towards the football ground where they are suppose to assemble. I found Raymond there sitting on the side bench typing something on his phone with an angry look on his face.

Great Soaf. He's probably thinking that you ditched today's plan and now he's angry.

Even though he's my boyfriend now but angry Raymond is someone I would not like to counter with. angry Raymond is more like some angry wrestler ready to rip off the head of anyone who stands in front of him.

Somehow I managed to make my way towards him and stood in front of him. He didn't seem to notice because he was too busy with something. Since my mobile didn't buzz that means he hasn't send me any message, he isn't typing me. But from Raymond's expression it is clear that whosoever he's texting to he's angry at him/her.

I sighed while realizing that he's not angry at me. His head snapped towards me and I saw his eyes started twinkling. his eyes went from some unreadable expression to warm and happy. As if he has seen something heart-whelming while his lips turned up in a breath-taking smile. His dirty blonde hairs were sweaty but still he smelled good. His blue eyes were penetrating into my brown ones.

Did I ever mention that my boyfriend is steamy?

Well I think calling him steamy would be an understatement. His well defined abs were on wide-display as he was shirtless, maybe they were having some practice session because almost everyone here is sweaty.

"Are you done drooling over me?" I snapped out of my thoughts when I heard Raymond's voice while a smirked plastered on his plum- pink lips.


"huh...cocky much?" I said raising an eyebrow at him just to make it look as if his appearance didn't bother me.

Well, he shouldn't be like this at least in the school campus. Not that I'm complaining but what

on. Ever in the past week.

I get it know. He was bringing Ellen as her date here. He didn't want people to know about us.

But everyone in school know about us. Right?

Clara was right, I don't belong here. I don't belong with him. I don't belong to his world.

Then my gaze fell on Raymond and Ellen. While Raymond was wearing a black tuxedo with his hair perfectly gelled back. He looked Handsome, or more.

Damn, even when I am hurt, I cannot neglect his amazing looks.

But my heart clenched at the sight when I saw Ellen wearing a beautiful Navy blue colored Gown with off-white pearls on the belt, standing with Raymond while She was literally tugging on Raymond's side and Raymond had his hand on her waist.

They both Climbed on the stage and stood in front of all. They were too close for my liking. I don't know why but suddenly it's suffocating here. I can't breathe properly, I have to take deep breathes. Everything feels numb.

Ellen is smiling like she's having the time of her life while Raymond is standing there with an unreadable expression and then Ellen gave him a quick peck on lips.

Have you ever had that feeling where you are struggling to breathe and even after being in a park it feels like no oxygen is being supplied to your lungs. Like nothing makes sense, you can see everything but not feel it, you can't feel the presence of anyone near you even though people are there with you.

I want to cry but I can't. Everything is hurting right now. Someone is stabbing me all over my body with knife. My head is hurting bad. I don't even know what is happening around me right now. All I know is I'm struggling the moment for life.

The host continued

" What an adorable couple you are." she giggled before continuing " Well, when we have two young love birds here, let us call the winner of Young Intern Award.........Miss Sophie Esinberg"

I heard my name being called but my legs aren't co-ordinating. I cannot stand up. I tried but didn't succeed. Finally someone helped me in standing and while stumbling on the way I finally reached the stage where Raymond and Ellen, 'the young and adorable lovebirds' are standing in front of me.

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