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   Chapter 33 no.33

Stuck With Mr. Popular By no_one_finds_me Characters: 9654

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Raymond Reynolds's POV

It's been a week now since I've seen princess and I am carving for her touch. She's just like a lullaby to me. I've been too busy lately with my football practices our sessions are long and we all end up having a exhausting day. Well, most of them go for parties in the night but instead of accompanying them I find it better to just talk to Soaf. Her voice just works as alcohol to me. It eases the pain and it's addictive too. Maybe her lips are more addictive.

Yeah sure they are.

I saw the time.


It's already 12:10

"Can you please stop driving like a turtle. See the time-" I told him showing my watch "It's already 12:10. You idiot."

"Ohh...if that's so....why don't you drive?" Daniel yelled clearly offended by what I just said to him.

"Okay then...let's switch it." I replied. I seriously cannot stand another minute of his driving. This man doesn't really knows what driving means.

I went to the driving seat while Daniel sat on the passenger's seat. I stepped on the gas and started driving within a few minutes my phone started ringing, I didn't have to think twice about who it was. I already know it is my princess but I cannot answer the call while driving. Daniel picks up my phone which is lying on the dashboard and shows the screen to me.

It's princess.

"Shall I answer this for you?" he asks clearly annoyed by the fact that she is calling me at this time. He doesn't know that we call at late night. He is one of the guys who go to that stupid dumbass parties.

"NO" I stated clearly in a high voice to make myself clear.

"As you wish" he mumbled under his breath with a sigh and I looked back towards the road.

"Bastard" I muttered. I know he heard this.

"Wait, what? I should be the one calling you this." Daniel replied with a frown on his face.

"Ohh really" I mocked an eyebrow at him.

"Man.. you're the one who stole my girl okay and now she doesn't see anyone besides you." Daniel replied.

"First and foremost she's my girl not yours. Second, it's her choice to make not yours and SHE.CHOSE.ME" I said the last few words boldly so that this prick can register them in his mind clearly.

"She will leave you and come to me if I tell her the truth." Daniel said in a 'duh' tone. I stiffened at this. I know he is right.

"I know that" I said with a defeated sigh.

"You know why I didn't tell her about you yet, that is because I saw it in her eyes. The truest she has in you, the way she loves you and if I will tell her about you, I know she cannot handle it. She'll be weak again. God knows I cannot see her like this but you know what I don't want to keep her in this illusion too."

"Thanks man. As much as I hate you, thank you for keeping it to yourself. I cannot lose her. Not now. Not ever."

"Stop thanking me moron, I did it because of her not you." Daniel said in a an

hen all of us were drenched in chocolate cream.

"You know, instead of wasting it I can use it as a chocolate facial" yes these dumb words came out of Chase's mouth as he started scrubbing his whole face with the chocolate cream which was already present on his forehead due to our cake fight. He started massaging his cheeks and then his chin.

"Ewww" All replied in unison except Claire.

"NO. Instead you can eat it." Claire said while taking some on the cream on her nose in her index finger and licked it.

"Remind me never to go with your friends. They're too gross." Lavy said, she looked like she can puke any minute now.

"Stop it man" Raymond said while swatting on the back of Chase's head hard. While me and Lavy stopped Claire.

Yes, my friends are too gross. For the first time in my life I couldn't agree less with Lavy.

But no matter how they were. They are my friends. My life looked complete.

What else can you ask for, right?

I have a loving boyfriend, amazing yet idiotic group of friends, sweetest ever sister and a perfect mom.

It didn't took too long for everyone to leave because

1. Tomorrow we had school.

2. Raymond and Daniel came here driving and they had to be back before five in the morning, so they left in a hurry.

Daniel gave me tight hug and wished me last time before heading towards the passenger's seat while Raymond gave me a quick peck on my lips.

"I'm gonna miss you, sweet cheeks." Raymond whispered to me before sitting on the driver's seat. With a small yet genuine smile on Raymond's lips he stepped on gas and went in the other direction.

Chase left right after them. Claire was here for a sleep over, so we both headed to my bedroom.

As the day passed I was more and more dedicated towards winning the award. Especially after what Raymond did for me today. I can't believe they drove for three freaking hours just for my birthday.


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