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   Chapter 32 no.32

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Sophie Esinberg's POV

"I know right. He looks so hot!" I heard Samantha drooling over someone in the flyer which is in her hand. Samantha is the receptionist of our building, that is Amanda corp. Applied department for interns. She is accompanied by Maddy. I don't know why but Maddy has this unusual hatred for me. I've never said anything to her, but her behavior towards me is always rude.

"Stop day dreaming. He'll be least interested in you. You know we hooked up at a party few months ago. He said he would call me." Maddy chirped while filing her nails. Samantha and Maddy were sitting on their usual reception seat and handing the flyers to everyone who passed by. I was waiting in the line so that I could enter my attendance in Biometric attendance system.

"What!! You hooked up with him. Did he call you then?" Samantha asked

"Naah, but I think he forgot. Maybe I can remind him about this on the Award Function Day." Maddy squealed in excitement.

"He's practically your boss now." Samantha replied with a 'duh' expression.

"Yeah, but back then he wasn't so....It doesn't make a difference."

"Besides he is three years younger than you." Samantha said.

"Who cares?" Maddy cooed.

Finally it was my turn. I registered my Attendance by pressing my thumb on the machine and entering my code. Next I took the flyer from Samantha and approached towards my seat.

Finally settling on my desk I took out my stationary and started with my work, suddenly my gaze fell on the flyer placed on my desk.

My eyes widen in shock when realization hit me.

Raymond. On the flyer I saw Raymond. All suited up, his hair gelled back and as usual he was looking sexy as sin.

But he wasn't alone on the flyer. The mad standing with him was our Company's CEO and one of the greatest scientists, well known in USA. He was Xavier Reynolds.

Wait. His last name is Reynolds too?






This cannot be the truth.

I opened the laptop which was placed on my desk and googled Xavier Reynolds.

I clicked on the first article link.

Xavier Reynolds is the CEO of Multinational Research Organization known as Amanda Corporations. Amanda Corporations is American Research Organization that operates the Largest Laboratories in Particle Physics, Solid Physics, Nuclear Physics, Chemical Engineering and pharmaceuticals.

Age: 42

Born: March 14, 1974, Florida, USA

Spouse: Amanda Reynolds

Children: Raymond Reynolds.

This was it. I closed the tab after reading the last line. Then everything happened suddenly, I was out of breath. The hall started spinning. I saw towards the other side, everything was going around in circles by now.

Then everything went black.

My eyes flew open when the ice cold water hit me on the face. It took some time for me to adjust to the light which was penetrating my eyes. Finally when my pupils adjusted I saw Noah sitting next to me with a water bottle in his hand while Samantha started rubbing my back. Maddy was standing in front of me with a scowl on her face.

For those who doesn't know Noah. He is my colleague. His desk is just next to me and he is an Intern too. Most of the time in the break we eat together.

Noah is a year younger than me. He is doing his Majors in Chemistry and he came here only for the Internship. He told me that he staying with his Grandmother while this Twenty days internship is going on. then he'll head back to his college in New York.

"Are you alright?" Noah asked.

"Yeah....I'm better."

Well these words were just lie. Of Course I wasn't feeling better. I just found out that My boyfriend is my boss, indirectly yes. Okay, he's not my boss but he is his son. Right?

So that doesn't makes this any different.

"What happened?" This time it was Samantha who asked.

"Nothing...I just..."

Should I tell her about Raymond.


call at twelve in the night and we use talk then until I drifted off to sleep. But today he didn't call.

My thoughts went wild about thinking how Raymond could be with some other girl at this time.


I should trust him.

I don't know why, I keep thinking like this about Raymond. I feel he is changed, he is no more a womanizer he will not betray me but mind doesn't work that way. My mind told me every ugly possibility about how Raymond could be cheating on me.

Never in the last three months Raymond showed me that he didn't care about me. He even stopped going to the stupid parties because I refused to accompany him and he wanted to spend his time with me. So we ended up watching movie and cuddling on my bed. I use to drift off to sleep embraced in his arms. When I woke up he wasn't there anymore. This happened on every Fridays and Saturdays.

But his past, it haunted me. Raymond slept with half of the girls in our school. He was the bad boy of our school. All this made it difficult for me to trust him blindly. When I asked Raymond why he dated Ellen after he kissed me, he shrugged by saying it was his mistake.

I called him. The bell rang but he didn't answer the call. I again tried. No answer. I tried for about three more times but he didn't pick up his phone. I was losing my patience by now so I started to message him. After sending about twenty messages I saw the screen for the last time. there were blue ticks. That means he read them and still chose to avoid them. This made it clear. Raymond is avoiding me. Maybe he's done with me. Maybe he met someone better there.

I didn't notice that tears were falling down. A sob escaped my mouth. But then his words hit me

You were my light Soaf.

I love you too.

No. Maybe I am over exaggerating things. He will not this to me. Never.

I walked towards the window and opened it. Though It was April but air was slightly chilled.

Wait. It's April right?

I'm going to turn eighteen in a few days I guess. I don't know what is the date today. I clicked on my phone to check the date today but before I could give a glance towards my phone a guy jumped inside my room through the opened window and pressed his one hand on my mouth to stop me from screaming and pushed me back until my back hit the wall.

He crushed his body against mine. I tried to protest but he was strong. My body was sandwiched between his and wall. He grabbed my hair and pulled my head on the side so that he had good access to my neck.

I knew what was coming next and I wasn't ready for it.


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