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   Chapter 31 no.31

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Raymond Reynolds's POV

I?came back from practice. We had an early morning session. Our next session will start at two in the afternoon. My body was full of sweat and I was stinking as well so I decided to go for a bath. I took a quick bath and changed myself into some?loose shorts and a v-neck shirt.

I glanced at the watcc, it was almost nine in the morning. Since it is Wednesday, Soaf would be free right now. She has her second period free today. So I decided to call her. Her voice was enough to calm me down. All I can think about is her. I miss her so much. I looked at her picture in my phone. She is so beautiful, so naive.

I was about to call her when suddenly my phone started ringing. The name Ellen flashed on the screen. I wasn't in any mood of talking to her right now. I wanted to talk to Soaf, I wanted to hear her voice. I want to make sure she's fine.

I rejected Ellen's call. Again my phone started buzzing.

It was Ellen again. I knew she would call me until I answer her call so I picked it up.

"Hey Raymond" Ellen chirped from the other side of line.

No doubt Ellen has been my best friend since I started going to school and even our parents were Best Friends, so we know each other well.

"Hey El. Do you want something? Actually I'm a bit busy right now."

I know it sounded very mean but right now my urge to call Soaf is increasing. I want to hear her voice. I have to get rid of El.

"Why, can't I just call you because I want to talk to you?" she replied. I actually felt guilty at this point. After all she's my best friend.

"As I said El. I am busy." I lied.

"You want to call her, don't you?" She said. This surprised me. Was It that obvious.

NO. She can't know that my feelings for Soaf are real. She can't know that I've actually fallen in love with her. When I first kissed Soaf and screwed up everything El decided to help me and I think she enjoyed it. She made sure Soaf was jealous of her, so she would realize her feelings for me and come back to me and then I can again use her.

Little did I know that I'll fall for her. It all happened so suddenly I didn't even realize it. That day when I saw her with Daniel, I was jealous. So I ended up kissing her. I didn't realize what I was doing then.

But for Ellen, she thinks I'm still using Soaf. I have to let her think so because she can do a lot of Damage to my relationship with Soaf and I don't want that.

"Who?" I asked innocently.

"Don't play dumb Raymond. You are falling for that bitch aren't you?"

"Shut up El."

"So you really are falling for her. What happened to the plan Raymond. YOU. HAVE. TO.USE.HER." she said these words so boldly that hearing them like this made me feel guilty. Not only guilty I want to kill myself for doing this to her. How can I be such a beast? How can I even think of using her for something. I disgust myself.

"Shut it El."

"She's a bitch and a slut. She's jus-" I cut her off in between

"Shut your fucking mouth! How dare you talk about my girl like this?" I shouted on the line. She has no right to say something like this to Soaf. My nose flared by the time.

"Raymond how can you say this to me? How can you DO this to me? To us?" she cried on the other side.


"I am so sorry El. I'm sorry. But you shouldn't have said something like this about her" I replied.

She sighed once.

"Alright Raymond. I get it. I'll talk to you later. Bye." With that she hung up.

Damn it. I screwed up everything again. I have to make sure she doesn't tell everything to Soaf.

I have to call Soaf.

My phone buzzed again.

Why everyone keeps calling me when I don't want to talk to them.

This time it was dad. I had to pick up.

"Hey Dad!"

"Hey Son. How are your studies going?" he asked. See this is the thing I hate about my Father. He called me after a long time and all he is concern about is my studies. He didn't say 'how are you son?' instead he asked me 'how are your studies going?'. Can you believe that?

"T-they are going good Dad." I replied.

"You're not at school?"

"Umm.....No dad. School sent our team to a football camp for a few days."

"What?!!! You are missing your classes for football. Raymond I clearly told you to stop playing football in the final year, didn't I?"

I didn't tell dad that I was the captain of our School Football team. I didn't even tell him that I applied for scholarship in a college for football and I have to collect as many certificates as I can to get selected. My Dad will never support me playing Football so I have to get this scholarship.

"Dad but-"

"But what Raymond. I want you to stop this bullshit right now."

"Dad this is my dream. Please dad." I pleaded. The fact that I was furious because of El didn't help either and talking to dad like this made me angrier.

"I said NO. I will call to school right now and ask them to bring the team back."

"Dad stop it!" I yelled.

"You are not doing anything like this and I am not going back. This is my dream and you cannot snatch it from me. Stop controlling my Life!" I said.

"It's nothing really" I lied once again.

"Why aren't you telling me? What are you afraid of?"

It's you, you idiot. I'm afraid I will lose you if I tell you what is bothering me. I am afraid you will say something which I don't want to hear. I am afraid you will say something which will break my heart. I am afraid I will be left alone. I am afraid my world will shatter.

"Tell me. Please." I couldn't stop?myself from asking this time. The concern in his voice and the note which that girl gave me both summoned up some questions in my mind searching for their answers in every two minutes. Everything was killing me. So I asked it. I sighed once and said

"Why me?"

"What do you mean Soaf? I didn't get it?" he replied.

"Why me Ray? Why did you choose me out of all the girls? You know you could've got any girl you want and there are much more beautiful girls than me. You already had Ellen didn't you? She's much more beautiful and she belongs with you, your group. Unlike me she's not unpopular or a nerd."

I had to get the answers. My questions were bothering me much. I was afraid maybe he doesn't like me that much. Maybe he's has some bet or something.

He took a deep breath.

"You know Soaf. When I became popular I dated every hot girl I laid eyes on. They never denied either. I was a douchebag back then. Then it all started looking fake. I realized that all the girls I dated, they were with me only to gain popularity. Earlier I use to enjoy it. But then I was tired of all this. Everything was fake. No one actually cared about me. None. Then there were my parents who were constantly pressurizing me to get good marks so that when I graduate I will be the next CEO of Dad's company. I wanted to play football but they never understood. My world became all dark. I used girls to help me out of my misery.

Then you came. You were different from all the girls I met. You were beautiful Inside out. You were beautiful but you never flaunted it. You were oblivious to this. You were selfless. You helped others. Not only you but your thoughts were beautiful as well. You have a purely good soul Soaf. You understand me. You gave me courage to fight for my dreams. You were my light. I don't know whether this will answer your questions or not but this is all I have to say."

I didn't realize but tears were streaming down my face. I never expected this. No one say me the way he did. No one knew me the way he did and no one make me feel the way he did.

"And remember this Soaf. You belong with me."

A sob came out from my mouth but I try to hide it.

"Hey, hey ......don't cry please"

Another sob came from my mouth.

"Soaf please talk to me."

My voice trembled a bit. I was overwhelmed by his words.

"I love you." was all I could say. Then I realized what?I just said. My breath hitched, I was shocked by what I said.

We were dating yet we didn't say these words to each other. But here I am now confessing me love to him.


" I love you too, Soaf." He replied and I took a breath letting his words register in my mind.


" hmmm"

"Did someone say something to you?"

"Ray...even if someone did, I am not weak. You made me strong." I replied with a huge grin plastered on my lips, while my lips were still twitching.

"I'm glad then." He replied.

All I know now is I really am in love with Mr. popular.


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