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   Chapter 30 no.30

Stuck With Mr. Popular By no_one_finds_me Characters: 12566

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Raymond Reynolds's POV

I saw Daniel rushing out of Sophie's room. I stood up in confusion and fear. I looked at Daniel, he had mixed expression on his face, anger and hurt blended in his facial expression. He ignored me like I did earlier and streamed out of the house. Behind him the door thudded loudly.

Seem like he is really angry.

I went upstairs to check up on Soaf. My steps were slow I was scared.

Did he tell her everything?

My breath was deep, to calm my nerves because a fear of losing Soaf was constantly haunting me. I slowly peeked through the door which was already half opened. I saw Soaf sitting in a corner, her legs close to her chest and her hands were wrapped around the legs while her head rested on her knees. Then I noticed something. Her shoulders were slightly shaking. She was sobbing. One. Two. Then she burst out crying loudly.

I quickly reached for her and took her in my arms. She didn't protest. That is a good sign, I suppose. A feeling of relief washed over me. I dipped my head in the crook of her neck and her sweet smell filled my nose. I heard her mumbling something under her breath.

I tried to sooth her but it didn't work.

I put my index finger under her chin and lifted her face up. Her eyes were red and puffy, her nose was red too because of crying. Her eyes were filled with hurt. Tears were streaming down her eyes.

I don't know what that bastard said to her but I swear he won't be alive till tomorrow.

Seeing Soaf like this was the last thing I want on Earth. Or not even that. I've seen her cry, scared, shocked but never seen her broken. She was broken and I felt like my world is destroyed. I can do anything to take that look away from her face. Maybe I sound like a creep right now but I don't care. All I know is I cannot see her like this.

Not now not ever.

"He said I betrayed him. What did I ever do to betray him." -hiccup-"He is my best friend."-hiccup-"He always understands me. I don't know but he was so furious."-hiccup-" He said I am a s-sel-selfish bitch."

And then she couldn't resist anymore. Bucket full of tears started flowing down her eyes and she hugged me tightly. My shirt was all drenched with her tears. There was a feeling like someone is punching me in the gut. I cannot see her like this. I want to rip that moron's head apart.

I wiped her tears and caressed her cheeks with my thumb. She was lost in her thoughts. I knew she was thinking about the argument between her and Daniel. She didn't even know but a tear rolled down her cheek.

That was it, I knew what I had to do now. I cannot see her like this. I placed a light kiss on her lips and said

"Everything will be alright till tomorrow. Just don't worry." and stood up and walked towards the door to leave. I stopped in my tracks when I heard her saying


I hesitated at first but I knew she wanted to hear this right now. So I said "Promise", and went away.

As soon as I parked my car in my garage I made my way towards Daniel's house. I kicked the door open and went inside. I saw Daniel sitting on the couch probably talking to someone on phone. As soon as he saw me he said goodbye to whoever he was talking to and made his way towards me.

"What do you want?" he snapped towards me.

"You said that to her. How can you say something like that to your best friend, you prick."

"Whatever I say to her is none of your business" he replied in a very masculine tone. I took a deep breath to calm myself.

Talk about patience.

This guy is seriously checking my patience. I feel like beating fucking life out of him.

Calm down. You are here for Soaf.

You promised everything will be alright.

So it will be.

"Listen up buddy. As much as I want to b

eyes were gleaming as the sunlight fell on his face. Sun was about to set. Sky looked all pink and orange. A light breeze fanned his face messing his already messy hairs.

My boyfriend is attractive.

Stop drooling you idiot!


"Hey, Princess. I was waiting for you."

"Sorry, I was busy" I apologized feeling guilty.

"I figured" he replied blankly. Something was off about him right now. This is not the Raymond I know.

He wrapped his hands around my waist while mine were wrapped around his neck.

"What happened?" I asked

"I miss them. My Family." He replied hugging me tightly.

Raymond told me that he didn't spend a great amount of time with his family. His dad is always busy with his Company and work while his mom mostly lives in London because her Hotels and Resorts were there and she was busy with all the work. He told me his parents were never there for him, they always gave him money but were never present when he needed them.

"But I'm here." I said shyly looking down at the ground.

He brought his finger under my chin and lifted my head up. I looked directly into his mesmerizing eyes. His eyes were filled with happiness.

"Yes you are." with that he gave me his famous breathtaking smile and kissed me.

My eyes flutter close and my hands slipped into his hairs tugging there. I could feel his hands slowly making their way towards my hips. I gasped as he held me more tightly and taking advantage of this he slipped his tongue inside my mouth. I was getting out of breath but I didn't want to stop this feeling. My body was perfectly molded against his and his grip was getting tighter pressing me more against him. He was holding me so tight as if he is afraid that I'd evaporate any moment now.

"Alright, everyone. Line up. It's time to leave." Coach shouted and everyone started lining up.

Ray groaned before losing his grip on me. Giving me one quick peck he released me completely.

I saw Dany still standing with Clara while holding his hand, I have to talk to Dany about this. I think he still doesn't know about Clara. Raymond and I made our way towards them. As soon as I reach there I said a simple goodbye to Dany and wiggled my eyes brows gesturing towards Clara, he smiled a little and then mouthed 'later' to me. I replied while mouthing 'you better tell'. They finally went inside the school bus which was taking them to the football club.

Before going inside the bus Raymond gave me a peck on cheek and then went.


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