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   Chapter 28 no.28

Stuck With Mr. Popular By no_one_finds_me Characters: 7373

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"I'll catch up afterwards. I have to go somewhere" Claire said reading something again. I don't know what happened to her. Two minutes earlier she was fine with me and her going out to the diner since we had two consecutive free periods but suddenly there was some message on her phone and she has to go somewhere and she's not telling me anything.

"Okay. I'll go find Dany then. I still have to talk to him" I replied.

"Yeah. By the way Ray was asking for you. He said you weren't picking up his calls. "

"Ohh. I'll find him too then." I said smiling back at Claire who is now packing up her bag in a hurry.

"See you later then. Bye" her sound faded as she disappeared somewhere in the corridor.

"Bye" I mumbled lowly to myself and started to head towards the football ground. Probably both the boys will be there since they have some Championship in next two weeks so they have a hard time practicing. Majority of the time they are busy with their practice. Raymond and Daniel had been missing most of the classes nowadays. I'm still teaching Raymond so he can cover up with his course I have no Idea how Dany is doing it.

I had asked him once, "I can tutor you on weekends if you want". He didn't reply, instead with a stern face he walked past me.

I didn't talk to him for one whole weak but then Raymond has been asking me to talk to Dany for past two days so I think I have to apologize to him first and start talking. Raymond knew it was bothering me too much that Daniel wasn't talking to me. I often asked Claire about Daniel. She has been our common source of information for the past one week. She told me that Dany asked about me everyday last week. Even after this he won't talk to me when he sees me in the corridor or classroom. Even at Lunch time Dany is nowhere to be seen. Earlier me, Claire and Dany use to sit together.

Finally I reached at the ground. Sun was at the top and it was a hot day outside. I don't even know how they can practice outside at this temperature. Looks like I'll be evaporating in next two minutes. There were a couple of girls sitting by on the benches gawking at the shirtless guys playing football. Some of the bags were lying on the first f

complicated. First they both were beating up some other guy who probably hit you by the ball. Poor boy ended with some bruisers. Then both of your boys ended up fighting with each other."

"OH MY GOD! Please Jesus save them. What if they end up with suspension" My eyes widen at the realization. This cannot happen. Our exams are near and already both of them are missing so many classes. Shit.

"Calm down sweetheart. Is it paining anymore?"

HOW THE FUCK CAN I CALM DOWN. Is this woman mad? She's asking me to calm down. Both the boys are probably getting their suspension letters by now and seeing at Raymond's behavior inside the premises he might already get suspend.

"Honey? Is it paining?" Mrs. Perkins asked me again bringing me out of my thoughts.

"N-No. Thanks Mrs. Perkins" I said getting up in a hurry.

"Wait. Take these if it starts paining. Okay? And it's better if you go home directly." She told me handing me some medicines. While I made my way out of sick room I found Claire running in my direction while some familiar figure was following her.

"I leave your side for one hour and you end up in sick room. Are you out of your mind?" Claire scolded my. She was panting hard which tells me she came running all the way to here. I saw Chase finally reaching us and surprisingly wasn't panting that much.


Didn't she say she has to go to Mr. Hanks to take some extra assignments?

What is she doing with Chase anyway?


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