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   Chapter 27 no.27

Stuck With Mr. Popular By no_one_finds_me Characters: 8646

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Sophie Esinberg's POV

Everything feels unreal. I never expected something like this in my life. I'm still stunned. No guy ever paid attention to me and now I'm dating the 'Mr. Popular' of our school. Looks like an irony right?

It's been a week since I started dating Raymond. Yes, by now everyone knows this. Claire has been really helpful with me. Why? Because Ray makes me sit with his group during our lunch time but I'm still not comfortable being there. Though guys are really good and funny but girls are real bitches. Besides everything I'm not comfortable being around Ellen. I don't get it. She looks so comfortable with us- I mean me and Raymond but this is not the way you react when two days after your break-up your ex proposes someone else, right?

I'm still not ready to ask Raymond everything about Ellen. I'm scared. I'm scared that this happy bubble I found after so many years will get destroyed.

Call me selfish. Call me anything but I won't let anyone destroy this.

Dany is still avoiding me. Since our fight none of us have tried to talk. Although Raymond keeps telling me to talk to him but I ignore that part. Dany has been my best friend since forever, I know. But that doesn't give him permission to make decisions for me.

I'm standing in the School's parking lot now waiting for Raymond. He has his exam going on now and it's only ten minutes?remaining until the exam gets over. It's our thing now. Raymond drives me to school every day and drops me home too. He has been busy lately with his football practice he asked me to come and see his practice. I'm going this Friday to see his match.

I saw Dany and Clara talking a while ago. Dany still doesn't know that Clara is in love with him or that's what she thinks. Dany still doesn't know all the humiliation I went through after he left. All the times when Clara insulted me. I never did anything wrong to her. I always thought that she is my best friend until she showed me her true colours. All those embarrassing moments, I still remember them. When she slapped me in the corridor, when she pushed me down the staircase and the time when she made fun of my thick glasses and oily hair. The time she told me I'm useless.

I saw Dany leaving after giving a slight push to Clara as she was trying to throw herself on him while hugging.

I seriously think he should know what she did to me. Or not. Let it be a secret.


I was still waiting for Ray in the parking while I was tapping my feet in a rhythm I saw Clara coming towards me and standing in front of me with a scowl on her

was bullying a guy without any reason and it was wrong. I didn't have the guts to fight with him but you did. I always admired you on that."

I stared at Raymond in shock. I know he was there at that time but somehow I didn't expect him to remember this.

"I remember seeing you shouting at him there. You looked so sweet and innocent and.........little, it was shocking seeing you shouting at someone that loud." he chuckled before continuing

"Soaf you are strong. Don't let them change who you are. This is not you Soaf. The Sophie whom I encountered two years ago was you. Not this." he said giving a little squeeze to my hand. I filled me with warmth. I smiled.

Finally we pulled apart in front of my house. Before heading out of the car I muttered a sweet 'thanks' to Raymond and gave him a tight hug.

"See you tonight" he replied before driving back.

This little confession that Raymond did today it just made me happy and confident. What else do you expect when School's famous Bad-boy tells you that he has always admired your confidence and courage. A small smile played on my lips for the rest of the day.

I felt proud. I felt happy. Only because of Raymond. As each day was passing by he made me fall for him more and more. Although I still hesitate to name 'love' to my feelings for Ray I know I will admit it someday.

I took a deep breath as I reached my room put my bag down and opened my window. I felt light cold breeze fanning my face. It felt different now. Everything was on peak. Every emotion was on its vertex. When I felt happy it was extreme happy and my lips would automatically stretch into a wide grin.

I loved this feeling. It was a weird tingling in my stomach.


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