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   Chapter 26 no.26

Stuck With Mr. Popular By no_one_finds_me Characters: 7858

Updated: 2018-06-06 13:58

Sophie Esinberg's POV

I again glanced to the words written down on my sandwich.

Will you be my Girlfriend Soaf?

And ten it goes. My mind goes blank. I don't know what to say what to think. I stand there all consumed in shock. Then my mind and my heart started battling. My mind is putting up questions like

He still didn't give an explanation to you.

You shouldn't believe him, he's a player.

He is going to play with you too.

But my heart gives different opinion. My heart wants to trust him. It wants to know him more and connect with him, what my heart feels when I'm with him It's Different. My world becomes better, he makes me feel loved. The way he cares about me. The way he makes me laugh. The way his touch sends shivers down my spine. He was the first one who was proud of me being a nerd.

Maybe he sensed my confusion because the next sentence he said made me a bit relieved.

"Trust me on this Soaf. I won't hurt you. Please." I can see in his eyes that he is guilty. His eyes are mesmerizing. They communicate with me. I feel different. Then I ask myself a question.

Do you want this?

"Yes" I don't even know when these words came out from my mouth. Next thing I know is ray is hugging me so tightly as if his life depends on this. This make me smile.

A thousand questions are still popping in my mind. But for now I don't want them to disturb this moment. This moment is perfect. Picture perfect. Although Ray is hugging me I don't have enough confidence to hug him back. I keep my every thought aside and try to hug him back. It becomes a loose grip. We stay like this until we heard someone's footsteps approaching us.

"Kim Let- What the hell are you doing?" Dany yelled causing me and Ray to pull apart. My hands drop to my sides while Ray doesn't let go. His is still holding me in tight grip.

Dany is glaring at Ray while Raymond's smile is now replaced by a haunted look. I don't understand this. Is Raymond scared of Daniel? No. That's definitely not possible. Then?

Dany took two big steps towards me and held my wrist. His grip is tight. he looked at Ray and said

"Stay. Away.From.Her." Next thing I know is Dany is dragging me out while his grip is hurting me. It's too strong. His jaw is clenched and his eyes show pure anger. I looked at Raymond who is still standing there glued to

Wait. How did he know that Dany and I had a fight?

"How do you know this?"

"I think you didn't realize but you guys were shouting pretty bad. I could hear it."

I sat there comfortable in his embrace, letting his scent consume me.

"Thanks for believing on me"

"I trust you Ray. Dany is just not ready to...." he cut me off.

"I know. He doesn't like me. I know." He took a deep breath and then continued " But Soaf, you should talk to him. Try to sort things out. Not talking to him won't sort it out."

"I know" I replied hugging him more tightly as my head was resting on his shoulder and he was drawing circles with his thumb on the small of my back, soothing me. His touch sent a strike of warmth and relaxation in my body.

When Dany held me like this, his hug gave me a hope that everything is going to be alright. But when Raymond held me like this, he gave me assurance that everything will be alright.



"I don't know about you but I'm hungry"

I let out a laugh and then straightened myself. Although I had some pancakes just fifteen minutes ago, I was excited to eat with him besides he made all this for me. Of course even my stomach was going to burst next moment I would never reject these sandwiches. Then we started eating sandwiches. He insisted to feed me the very first bite. I refused, believe me it feels so unreal. It only happens in movies. But Raymond was being really childish now. At last I gave up and he fed me the whole sandwich. I know this is real cliché and that's weird.


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