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   Chapter 25 no.25

Stuck With Mr. Popular By no_one_finds_me Characters: 7268

Updated: 2018-06-06 13:58

Raymond Reynolds's POV

I planned a proposal for the first time in my life but unfortunately things turn out to be different. I couldn't tell her that I like her. I couldn't tell her that I care for her. I couldn't tell her that she make me feel things which I have never felt. I couldn't ask her to be my girl.

I don't know what was she is thinking but I know that Daniel will one day spill everything to her and if that happens she'll never trust me again. She'll never be mine.

I have to make a move as soon as possible.

Last night I couldn't sleep. Well how can you sleep when an Angel is sleeping in the same room.

She looked so.....peaceful.

She thinks that because she is a nerd people can make fun of her, they can bully her and no one will protect her from that. I cannot see her like this. She pities herself and it hurts me.

To think that no one was there when she was in need. No wonder she doesn't trust people easily. She keeps on asking me question on everything I do. She keeps on asking me, why.

She's so perfect in every aspect. So innocent, so intelligent and so beautiful yet so simple.

She's so beautiful. So pure. She's like an open book. Easy to read. She never fails to express herself.

She sleep-talks. She snorts...a cute one while sleeping.

Nowadays I smile more. I smile more than I smirk.

I hope this change is for good.

I was still on my couch looking at her as she sleeps peacefully. Suddenly I heard a sound on my window. I stood up and saw that someone is throwing rocks on my window. I opened it and found Daniel standing there.

Well great. That Moron had to ruin this for me.


I didn't want to shout because that would wake princess. So I decided to agree with him and nodded.

I went down to open the door.

"YOU SON OF A BITCH-" he started shouting again.

"She's quiet" I whisper-yelled.

He stood still, glaring at me. His lips pursed in a straight line.

"I know what are you up to Raymond. You've already hurt her a lot. Stop faking this all." he said still exasperated.

"It's not what you are thinking. Okay. Even I care for her-"

I cannot let that happen. I have to ask her. Now. All this cannot go in vain.

Soaf and Daniel were already stepping down the stairs by the time I came into my senses. I rushed towards them and said "princess, I already prepared breakfast for you" I was panting by the time.

"Thanks but we don't need that" Daniel replied with a stern look on his face. He was clearly irritated.

Soaf turned towards him and whispered something to him. She finally faced me and smiled.

"I'll have it, Ray."

I sighed in relief.

Thank god. I still have a chance.

"I'll wait for you outside. Okay?" Daniel asked Soaf while she nodded in reply.

I asked her to wait in the dining room while I went to the kitchen to get her the breakfast.

As soon as I started walking towards the dining room I realized I was sweating. My hands were cold and my heart skipped beats.

Come on man. You can do this. Why are you so nervous? It's nothing new. You can do this.

I reached the dining hall and placed the tray on the table and then waited for her to say something.

She finally looked down and saw what I wrote on the sandwiches.

She lifted her head slowly and finally her gaze met mine.

She was............confused?

She furrowed her eyebrows together and tensed her forehead. Okay, so now I can tell she's clearly confused.

She took a deep breath and again read it. Then finally she said

"You want me to be your girlfriend?"


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