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   Chapter 23 no.23

Stuck With Mr. Popular By no_one_finds_me Characters: 6264

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Sophie Esinberg's POV

These parties are sooooo weird.


Well practically no one here knows where they are and with whom they are and still they choose to do these deeds. Yukk.

I can puke right now.

Yukk. Right now I am trying to see this weirdo red haired girl who is making out with a wall.

Isn't that funny?

Well if you are thinking why I'm saying that I'm trying to see is because this whole world decided to get blurry. So I can't see anything properly.


I'm not laughing at myself. Idiot.

I'm laughing at this girl. Red head girl.

But wait. Why this wall has hands?

Does wall have hands? No. NO wall has ears not hands. This means that all these years people have been lying to me. Wall has hands too. That makes me think whenever I'm pressed to a wall, It can capture me. Then it'll absorb me and I'll go inside the wall and never come back. I'll die.

This wall has eyes too. That's...gross. So wall has eyes, ears and hands. Wall can be a total human.

Talking about pressing to wall reminds me of something. Someone.

I was pressed against the wall and the file dropped out of my hand.

NO no no no no!

You're not going to think about Raym-

Ughhhh No thinking about him.


Yes boss. My mind replied.

So if you are thinking about why am I behaving like this? Then in my defense I will say, No I didn't drink.

Or how about No I didn't drink because I saw Raymond dancing with some man-whore bitch too close. Actually they were kind of..into each other.

Ouch. It hurts. That bitch!


I've started abusing a lot nowadays. Wait. So is that a good sign or bad? I mean when I abuse I actually feel light.

Man whore bitch.....


It feels good. Really. You should try it sometimes.

It works.

"Hey Sophie. I hope you're enjoying the party!"

her and finally I burst out crying.

"What happened Soaf? Why are you crying? Did Chase do something?" the gummy bear girl asked and I shook my head at this.

"Then?" she asked panicking.

"I'm ugly now Raymond won't ever hug me." I sobbed.

"WHAT??" the gummy-girl-bear gasped as if in a deep shock.

"That's never possible, cupcake." I heard a very sexy voice coming from few feet away. I snapped my head to see who it is. Bless my eyes. I can totally see who it is. Crystal clear, really. (note the sarcasm)

The guy with the sexy voice came towards me and held me by my waist.

Another guy came and by his voice I recognized him as the party guy. Ghase. Right?

"Raymond. Take her home. She's not doing well" I heard the party guy saying to the other guy who is holding me by my waist.

"WAIT. Where is Daniel I need to inform him?" the gummy-girl-bear said to Blase.

"No need to inform him. I'll drop her safely." The guy who is also suppose to be Raymond said and nodded at Chase.

He helped till the main door but It was becoming difficult for me to walk now. So Raymond picked me up- Bridal style and started walking towards the car.

He gently lay me down on the backseat and went towards the driver's seat.


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