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   Chapter 20 no.20

Stuck With Mr. Popular By no_one_finds_me Characters: 5294

Updated: 2018-06-06 13:56

Raymond Reynolds's POV


"What do you think you are doing Ray? I saw it. I saw you kissing that little bitch in the classroom." Ellen yelled at me as she was standing on my porch.

I was still standing there, confused. What should I say to her? She is my best friend since childhood days. But, I don't know what got over me that moment and I did such a stupid mistake. This wasn't the plan. Ellen knew my plan. I never planned to kiss Soaf.

I stood there. Quiet. Not able to say a word because I knew it was my mistake. Not even this plan but everything and now all I can think about is her.

What are doing to me Sophie Esinberg!

"Why are you quiet? Huh? What happened to your mouth now?" she said as she pushed me inside and I stumbled backwards.

"I don't know." I replied. I actually don't know what happened to me. I felt this sudden urge to claim Sophie mine and that's what I did.

But all I can care about is Sophie. I hurt her. I guess she saw me nothing more than a friend. A friend, this is who she needs.

I loved the feeling that I was her only friend she can share things with. I wanted her to have more friends but I was happy knowing that I was the only one who could make it inside the walls she built up.

But yesterday, when I got to know that Soaf knew Danny already. I felt something crumbling in my stomach. I felt something hitting me hard in my heart.

Shocking, isn't it? I have a heart. I never knew that. I never cared about any girl I used or slept with. I had to be bold, to deal with this. I thought I could never feel any

s blushing because of me.

I saw her mouthing "Mom" to Ellie and then again blushing hard.

"I hope you are coming to Chase's party? I'll be waiting for you" I said as I took my steps out of the kitchen.

I gave a small smile to Ellie while nodding to which she replied by mirroring my movements.

As I move out, Ellie's back was facing me and I saw Soaf still standing there glancing at me with warmth in her eyes. For a moment my breath hitched. I stopped in my tracks. I was rooted at the spot. Just to see her adoring eyes which attracted me like magnets.

Finally I got a hold on my feelings and I winked at her before making my way out.

I never planned on kissing her. But it just happened. I never planned on hurting her. I saw her standing there in corridor when I had a make out session with Ellen. She was hurt, badly. Every time I saw her eyes I could feel the pain in her eyes. Everything I put her through, I was going through the same thing. I felt the same. She was the only person in the world who made me feel things.


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