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   Chapter 19 no.19

Stuck With Mr. Popular By no_one_finds_me Characters: 8307

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What are you doing Soaf?

You are letting him toy you.

He's using you- Again.

Suddenly I came to my senses, I jerked my hand away and stood up ghastly. What was I even thinking? This is wrong. This is wrong at so many levels. I can't let him play again. I can be another toy for him. I can't be his cover-up. I'm not so weak.

I'm strong. Strong enough to handle myself. Plus I'm only acting like some bloody hormonal teenager. Okay. Fine. I'm a teenager but I'm seventeen. I think by now I should have quiet control over my feelings or at least I can manage not to show them. Right?

Raymond was watching me with a scowl on his face. Frustration was all over his face. But in his embrace I almost forgot the presence of Mike. I jolted my head up and saw Mike giving me a confused look at my sudden reaction.

Poor boy. If only he knew what was going on under the table. A little blush crept upon my cheek as the thought came to my mind. But as soon as it came, there came thousands of reason why this was wrong.

Raymond is already dating Ellen. I cannot even think of this. No matter what I feel for Raymond but I cannot do this. I don't get it. What does he want?

He has a girlfriend and that too perfect in every aspect. Ellen is beautiful, much better than me. She is everything a guy would want. She can stand up for herself while I can't. In simple words, she's just perfect and she's with him.

I could laugh at the irony. I can see them perfect for each other. I want Raymond to get what he deserves, someone who matches his reputation. As much as I want Raymond to be with her I hate to see them together. It just gets on my nerve. Past week, I cried every night to sleep just thinking why I cannot be where Ellen is. Why I cannot be with him. I have plenty of reasons but I don't want to believe any of them.

Sometimes I wonder, is this the condition of every girl Raymond played with. Believe me, it's miserable. More than Miserable, I haven't found myself drooling over any other guy this much. But with Raymond it's different. Everything is different with him.

"I-I'll fetch something to eat." I replied trying to show no expression because I didn't want Raymond to find out that he can trick me with his player-ish ways.

Mike just nodded at this while Raymond's face still had scowl.

I went to the kitchen and rested both my hands on the cabinet placing my head on the shelf and sighing in relief. Thoughts were still running across my mind and

aying then why didn't he talk to me after that. Why he started dating Ellen?

"I- I don't know....wait. Why are tables turned?" I stated confusingly.

"It's me who was suppose to be angry, right" I came back to my senses and now I was angry at him.

"You left me. You bastard-" I gave him a little push on which he stumbled a bit.

"You had the audacity to kiss me and then leave me like a piece of used tissue"

Another push.

"You fucking asshole. When I was finally convinced that I like you...and...and I was going to forgive you for what you did...You started dating someone else."

Another push

"What do you think? You can play with anyone's emotions? huh?"

Another push.

"You prick, I'm not one of your dolls okay? Have you ever thought how much it hurts to see someone you like too much making out with someone so.....sooo...." I couldn't pick up a correct word to express what they looked like.

"Weirdly" finally a words escaped my mouth.

"Weirdly?" he said grinning at my last word while my tears were at the brim, ready to flow out at any moment now.

I shrugged his words and stood there still glaring at him.

"Soaf.....I just told you I like you. Didn't I? You still don't believe me. Why?"

"Because you're dating Ellen...and you never talked to me after I thought you were toying me..and.."

"Shhhh" he said placing his fingers on my lips.

"I'm not dating her okay. We broke up. " A relief spread all across my body as those wrds came out of his mouth. The guilt shattered. I didn't do anything wrong. Good.

"Ahhem-" I jolted up to find out who it was.


Shit. Did she see it all?

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