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   Chapter 18 no.18

Stuck With Mr. Popular By no_one_finds_me Characters: 9140

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Claire and I hang out a lot nowadays. Though it's been only three days since she has joined the school but for the first time I'm happy having a friend. She's a lot different from Clara. Clare use to be my friend before Dany left. She said I'm of no use to her since Dany is gone.

It makes me ponder, why everybody treats me obsolete? So it was hard to make friends after that or should I say hard to believe in some stranger. Why is that every time you take a risk to believe in someone it shatters your world.

You believe in people, they dump you. Use you. Leave you. Your world is shattered. It's over. Then someone comes like a knight in?shining armor. Everything gets back. You feel like you can trust again. Your world enlightens, they help you put every piece of your life together, your pain is no more a misery but just a mere feeling. Pain. Sorrow. Grief. Dismay. They are just words you hear. Then you start believing in yourself more than anything else. But it's all a fallacy and history repeats itself. They leave you all by yourself.

Though I'm loving this right now. I mean, having a friend (who talks a lot) and sharing things with her, it's weird that how easily Claire connects with me. She's like a sister to me, maybe more than a sister. I know it's very short time span, it's been only three days but something makes me feel like she's going to be there with me when I need help. I don't know if I'm judging her or what but that's what I feel.

But I'm afraid that she'll leave me, like they all did. Danny has been busy for past week now. We do hang out together when he's free the only difference is now Claire's also in?the picture. Danny and Claire, they fight a lot. On Claire's first day of school, Dany and her, they had a fight regarding whether ketchup is better or peanut butter. The worst part is the whole cafeteria was watching them and they made it look like a juvenile court.

My life is getting better but it still hurts seeing Raymond with Ellen. The weird part is I see Raymond everyday in Library. I suppose we both have the same free period but I don't understand since when he started going to the library. He always sits right across me which makes me panic.

Of course I can't let him see what effect he has on me. So I try to concentrate on the book. Though it's hard, especially when Raymond is sitting in front of you and glancing at you, the worst part is YOU KNOW THAT!

I saw him stealing glances at me sometimes but I try not to get affected by that.

I don't get it. He does that to all of his flings or what?

Before you start debating about the Raymond-used-me part. He didn't use me entirely but he did use me for that moment. I've heard girls talking about Raymo

. She just changed." Mike replied. I was glaring at him by now.

"You told her I was coming?" Raymond queried.

"Yeah just before she went to change." mike replied innocently. Okay maybe not so innocently, I can feel it. He's mocking this.

A smirk displayed on his lips. His face showed triumph.

Blush crept on my cheeks and I shifted my gaze down at the table. My hairs again protected me.

They both sat, mike sat in front of me while Raymond took a seat with me. He was sitting too close for?my liking. Raymond started teaching mike, in between his arms brushed with mine sending shivers down my spine. It felt warm and sent a current through me at the same time. I shifted my chair a bit, so that I can be at some distance from Raymond now.

He shifted his chair and now again he was sitting close to me while our hands were touching. I lifted my hands from the table and decided to rest them on my lap. For a while everything was fine, though Raymond's presence was bothering me a lot but I tried to?calm down. I wasn't feeling hurt now. I was relieved maybe because it's the first time I'm seeing him without Ellen tugging on his arm. I only saw him twice alone at the library.

About half an hour passed and I was completely lost in my thoughts. Suddenly I felt something warm on my hands and as soon as the realization hit me. My heart started racing. It was beating so fast that it could have exploded any minute now.

I stopped breathing.

And then he intertwined our fingers under the table. Tightly. His hands felt so soft and warm while mine were cold because of nervousness.

I looked up at him. He stole a glance at me and smiled. A breathtaking smile.

I was blushing hard by now. I almost turned into a tomato.

Wait. What am I doing? I'm letting him use me again.



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