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   Chapter 17 no.17

Stuck With Mr. Popular By no_one_finds_me Characters: 6547

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It's been a week now and guess what? School is back to Normal. I had a presentation with Raymond that day and I think I did pretty well there or because he couldn't give his part well but I decided to help him out. Even after all that he put me through. But I figured it out. I told myself that it doesn't matters to him and I'm still telling this to myself every time I see Raymond and Ellen together.

It's not him who has to be convinced it's me. I am still convincing myself that I fell for the wrong guy and I'll keep telling myself that every moment until I get over him.

Dany is always there by my side. He's been helping me with this. He's there with me at the lunch, at P.E, at labs.

He keeps talking to me so I don't zone out. It works pretty well but only till we're in school. Dany goes for his football practice and I go home.

School is again as it was. Everyone always gossiping about the latest hot couple of school or as they say Mr. Popular meets Ms Popular. Yeah, Raymond and Ellen are together.

No. Don't even think I am affected. Why would I be? They can do whatever. I don't even care whether they are alive or not.

Okay. Yes. You're right. It hurts. It hurts badly, like someone is backstabbing, like you're betrayed, like you don't mean anything, like someone played on you with your emotions. It's like you mean nothing again.

Dany has gained popularity now. I hear girls whispering about the 'new hot guy' in school. Every time I'm with him girls throw daggers at me. Believe me these girls are going to kill me someday.

I was walking towards my locker while finding Danny when I saw them making their way through the corridor. Raymond and Ellen were crossing the corridor and everyone else was behaving like they saw some celebrities. They were walking too close to each other. Hand in hand.

I'm strong. I'm strong. I'm strong. I'm strong......I kept chanting that to keep myself calm and unaffected by what I sa

ppy dog face. Okay believe me when I say nobody can say No to that face.

"Umm....I'll see. I can't promise. But I'll try my best." I told him apologetically.

He nodded

"Great then. I'll see you in chemistry"

I nodded and smiled. He went back, left me wondering.

Okay. So just now Chase just asked me to come at a party. Like seriously. A party. I am surprised because No one has ever asked to come to their party. I'm talking about these popular parties. Well. That was different.

But somehow something feels wrong. I mean. Chase is Raymond's friend. What if it's just another trick to hurt me, to make fun of me? Because I'm getting the feeling that Raymond loves to see me hurt. I think he enjoys that.

All these thoughts were still swaying across my mind when Claire came out. I wasn't facing her so I didn't see her coming out.

"Earth to Sophie..." as I regained my senses I saw her snapping fingers in front of me.


"Do you zone you this often?" she asked and chuckled.

"Uh, nope" I replied.

"It's my free period. So we can see school." she said showing me her schedule.

"Oh cool. I'm free too" I replied.

This is what exactly I wanted. Some time with no thoughts in my mind, with no Raymond in my mind.

NO Raymond. That's difficult though.


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