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   Chapter 16 no.16

Stuck With Mr. Popular By no_one_finds_me Characters: 6679

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"Anyway, you can always count on me" he chirped, still soothing me.

A smile appeared on my lips. Maybe these feelings are mutual. Maybe he likes me back. Though this one word Maybe has been bothering me but right know this hope which Dany has given me. It enlightens my world right now. Everything feels so flattery, I don't feel like nothing anymore. It feels like I do have a meaning. I matter for someone. I brought my fingers on my lips, feeling how smooth his lips were on mine, so soft, sweet and tender.

"Dany" I whispered.

"Hmm" he replied.

"How do I face him tomorrow?" I asked with concern. This question was now bothering me for a while.

He chuckled at this and replied "Gosh, why are you so innocent Kim."

I didn't get it why is he saying so. I gave him a confused expression which he returned with a warm smile. His eyes were now warm but blended with hurt. His facial expression showed concern, hurt, anger and dead pan all at the same time. His eyes became difficult to read.

"I'll help you out." he said. Well I was relieved by this. I know he is the only one right now who can help me with this.

After some time?Dany went home. I fell asleep soon. He didn't tell me how he is going to help me but I know he has something planned.

I'm too much excited for tomorrow. But all the stress I had today made my head ache. I took some aspirin and soon fell asleep.


I woke up early and while I was still thinking about whatever is going to happen now, my eyes soon fell on my study table.


I forgot to work on my project. I have a presentation with Raymond today. While thinking about my messed up life yesterday I completely forgot about the project.

I read my project once and prepared my presentation a bit. Finally satisfied I went to take a shower. I decided to wear a dress today; it was light green in color with white and pink floral print on it which ended on my mid-thighs. It had a brown thin belt. I let my hair loose

this world. Only them.

Maybe I was wrong.

Maybe I don't mean anything to him.

Maybe I'm just another girl to him.

Just another fling

He is not even looking at me once. He knows about my presence here. But he's not even looking.

My mind is screaming thousand words.

Look at me Ray!

What happened yesterday doesn't mean anything to you?

Am I just another girl?

All the concern you showed, was it fake.

Look at me goddammit.

Look at me. Look in my eyes.

Stop what you are doing. It hurts.

It fucking hurts Raymond.

STOP torturing me.

I know you don't love me. Love has deep meaning. I don't know what it is between us. Maybe just like? I know those blue eyes didn't lied when they showed concern. I know they didn't.

Suddenly I felt an arm on my waist. It was a tight grip. I shifted my head to see Dany standing next to me. His eyes showed pure concern, they were asking me to hold. His eyes were giving me strength and hope at the same time. Hope. That everything will be fine. He was telling me to stay strong.

Then we walked?away. My feet weren't coordinating. I was still numb and cold. Dany tightens his grip and then I lost it. I lost control over my tears which I was holding back.

Tears started?to stream down my face. I'm weak.

Am I obsolete for everyone?


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