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   Chapter 14 no.14

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Sophie Esinberg's?POV

I waited for sometime but Ray didn't come. Finally I decided to complete my notes. I started to read and understand it better so that I can explain them to Ray easily.

At one point I was too frustrated. There were some topics which were very difficult to understand and since we had very less time left I had to do it fast. I started panicking and? I didn't even realize that I was chewing the back of my pencil.

I felt someone's gaze on me. At first I shrugged it and again concentrated on studying. Suddenly I felt someone's presence in front of me. I slowly lifted my head up and as expected it was Raymond. His eyes were on my notes trying to figure out something. Probably I was so busy in studying that I didn't see Ray entering the room.

"Hey!'" I gave a weak smile. What? I am still frustrated but I'm trying not to show it.

"Hey!" he said while still looking at the desk.

"How long have you been standing here?"

"Just when you decided to have that pencil for your breakfast" he said pointing towards my desk. I followed his sight and my eyes landed on the poor pencil.

Ray started grinning and I gave him an amused look.

"What happened?" he asked trying to control his laugh.

"Nothing" I replied still frustrated.

By this time I started walking towards the projector to insert the pen-drive. Suddenly Ray grabbed my wrist and jolted me around. I narrowed my eyes.

"What?" I almost shouted. Okay I know it's not his fault at all. But think about that moment when you are totally pissed and even if someone try to talk, it just makes you more frustrated.

He jerk me towards him with my wrist and the next thing I know is I'm standing in from of him, too close and his grip on my wrist is tight. His blue eyes are gazing mine, his touch sending current down my spine. I tried to free myself?but his grip is too strong.

"What happened?" he asked me in a soft voice while still looking directly into my eyes.

His grip is too tight. I looked away from him and then glanced towards my wrist which he was holding. His eyes followed my sight. He left my wrist as soon as he realized that he was hurting me.

He took a step back and started scratching his neck which generally boys do when they are nervous.

"I-I'm sorry" still scratching his neck.

"Its okay" replied not looking at him.

He turn around and sat on the table and patted the on the table gesturing me to sit there. I followed his directions a

this doesn't mean anything to him?

I felt his eyes on me. I stood there still shocked. I summoned up all my courage and looked up to?him. Just then Bell rang telling us that first period was over.

"Soaf......please" he said while his blue eyes were gazing into mine.

"I....I have to go" I said shocked after what had happened just now.

Somehow I got out of his grip, took the file which fell on the floor when he pinned my hands on the wall and ran out of the classroom.

"Soaf......Soaf" his voice faded as I ran out of the class room.

What has just happened! I was in deep shock.

What the hell is wrong with him?

He kissed me. Raymond Reynolds....the most popular boy of the school just kissed me.

And I liked it!

Why would he kiss me? He didn't even know my name two weeks ago.

These thoughts kept swaying in my head as I rushed towards home. As soon as I got home I didn't talk to anyone. I went to my room and locked it.

Whatever it was, I just didn't want it to be another fling of his. Because I knew that it had a very high possibility after considering all the girls he dated. I wasn't even close to one of them on my looks department. Well I succeeded in brains department because you know most of them were dumb Queen bee of school. But Raymond being most popular obviously wanted a beautiful girl. I wasn't the one then.

Maybe I don't mean anything to him. Well there is a high possibility of that too, after considering what I witnessed at that Party. My mind is becoming so calculative right now, considering all the banes and the boons at once.

Uhhh. Why me?

My life is so messed up.


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