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   Chapter 13 no.13

Stuck With Mr. Popular By no_one_finds_me Characters: 6970

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Sophie Esinberg's POV

"You've made friends here." Dany chirped. I snapped my head in his direction his face showed annoyed expressions.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"That Raymond guy, he's schools badass isn't he?"

"Oh- Ray, yeah he is. We're just friends Dany, we don't hang out and stuff." I replied. I did not understand why am I giving explanations to him? I mean all these years, he wasn't there with me. He probably didn't even know how antisocial my life is. He wasn't there when I use to sit alone in class or in the break time. I had no one then.

"That I can see" he replied sarcastically.

"Anyways, there are two days left till the submission and I don't think after that Ray will even think about talking to me."Though I don't want this to happen. All my senior school years I've been a loner and finally I found a friend, well I guess so, why would I lose him?

Then we went in a deep silence. Dany was driving me home, actually he was invited for the dinner tonight by mom. Believe me when I was thirteen my mom use to love him more than me. I hated him for that. Dany and I were inseparable back then.

Every morning dad use to drive us to school. The worst part was he use to come even before I was awake and most of the time he was the one to wake me up.

Believe me when I say the WORST part I actually mean those words in the capital. He always did some weird things to wake me. When we were ten he applied some make up to my doll and when he was trying to wake me up and I refused, he jerk me a bit and my eyes shot open and the first thing I saw my doll was looking like Annabelle at the doll was looking at me with this ghostly look I shouted and almost jumped six feet over. While Dany was standing behind me howling.

Wait. There is more. When we were fourteen he once placed some water balloons on my mattress and then he pushed me aside while I was sleeping, I found myself soaked in chilling water. That was hell, I got down with cold and dany was apologizing whole day long.

Hah. I like that.

My thoughts came to a halt while we pul

our other best friend tell you that you are piece of shit and now you're of NO?USE to her!

"Earth to Kim. Hello" Dany was snapping his fingers in front of me.

"Huh..Umm Clara stopped talking to me after you shifted."

"What!" Dany said, out loud in blended expressions of amazement and shock.

"Yeah, that was me when I found out the reason." I said in a low voice.

Unexpectedly dany didn't ask me what the reason was. I also chose not to tell him.

Dany and I chatted during the ride just like old times. I'm glad that he came back. We finally pulled away in our school parking lot and headed towards the school building. I saw an Audi parked there. Car's gate opened and I saw Raymond and Ellen getting out of the car. Our eyes met and we passed a smile to each other. Dany and I were still walking towards the building and I was smiling at Raymond and suddenly Raymond's expressions changed from happy and warm to angry and cold.

I don't know what took over him but he seems to be annoyed. I looked away and again started chatting with Dany. Bell rang and everyone in the corridor started rushing in their classes. Raymond and I have decided that we'll meet in the first period and rehearse for presentation. I started walking towards the old class room on the fourth floor. No one ever came in that room, that's what Ray told me. He said we can practice there.


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