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   Chapter 12 no.12

Stuck With Mr. Popular By no_one_finds_me Characters: 7182

Updated: 2018-06-06 13:53

Raymond Reynolds's POV

My plan is so screwed.


"I-I...umm well" God why is this so hard. I mean, I never choke not even when my parents scold me. This girl is really something. I can't even lie to her. Seriously man, look at her eyes. Who can lie to those innocent dark brown beautiful eyes?

At least I can't. But if I speak the truth my plan will be screwed.

I have to do something.

"I what Raymond?" Soaf asked, angrily.

"Chase forced me to go there. He wanted me to meet someone." I lied. Well practically not. I met this Daniel guy today which Chase told me he met yesterday at the party.

"Someone. Right, I get it." She mumbled taking a deep breath. Her eyes not looking at anything in particular. Her thoughts very distant.

Before I could speak anything else in my defense Soaf decided to speak again.

"Well, leave it let's get back to work." She said, trying to stretch a smile on her plum lips but failing miserably. Her eyes sad, she's clearly overthinking whatever it is.

I want to make her happy. Why, I don't know.

I want to know the reason.

Maybe it's because I didn't do my work.


Or maybe she didn't like me going to the party with those girls. If so, then maybe I can make some changes in my plan.

"So what should I do?" I asked her. I'm in no mood to work…Not at all. I just want her to do it for me.

C'mon, who idiot does his homework when you have most intelligent girl of your school sitting right next to you and beautiful also. Did I mention about her innocent eyes earlier?

"Okay, since our project is on nuclear power generator you just read this para-" she points out towards the page, " and I'll do the rest."

"Okay I'll read it" I said as stood up.

Suddenly she grabbed my hand and pulled me down.

"I don't know about you Mr. Reynolds but I don't certainly like to lose my marks." She said while making me sit on the couch right next to her.

"Huh?" I gave her a confused look.

"Do it now!" She replied in a very dramatic way.


Just get it over with already you blockhead

"Okay princess, calm down, I'm doing it" I said, gesturing her t

least not for me!

Though Sophie wasn't shocked at his movement at all. She was just standing there smiling sweetly as she gave a nod to his words.

It was different for her. She seemed comfortable, a type of comfort I have never sensed in her.

I felt urgency in me. A spark, a heat of just getting her out. Out of his hold. I don't know what is happening with me nowadays, I seriously need to control all this.

"Anyhow, why were you here?" I asked, with a frown. Yes, I think they went harsh but that's what I wanted. So that he can leave my Soaf and just go back.

"Yeah, I want to participate in zonal but I guess for that I have to be in school team. Right?"

"Yeah." I replied roughly.

"So when are selections?" He finally leaves Soaf off his grip and my senses relaxed.

"Dude come to the field tomorrow after school."

"Okay. Thanks." He said before moving around and heading towards the main door. As he was stepping outside he stopped and turned around before saying

"Hey, Soaf. I hope you complete your work before eight. We can go to your house together."

"No need. I can drop her there." I said.

"Thank you so much Ray. But mom invited Daniel for dinner tonight, so I can go with him" Soaf said while giving a warm smile. While she mouthed 'sorry' to me.

I smiled back and said "It's Okay"

That's what a good guy is suppose to do, right?

Damn, this girl is making me crazy!


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