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   Chapter 11 no.11

Stuck With Mr. Popular By no_one_finds_me Characters: 7671

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Raymond Reynolds's POV

I think I saw her there.

Last night at the party, or maybe that was an illusion. I don't know but most of the time I find myself thinking about Sophie. I know that sounds creepy but this isn't my fault at all!

We all think about stuff going on with us right?

And right now it's her. It's been almost only two weeks since I've got to know her. Like totally.

She's so vulnerable. Sometimes I wonder if it's only me or she behaves the same with everyone.

I didn't know her name two weeks ago. Although I have noticed her a few times earlier. I remember the first time I saw her. Jake and the rest of our group were bullying some nerd guy. That was when I first laid eyes on her. She tried to stop my friends but instead they bullied her too. I couldn't say anything.

I felt ashamed of myself. I could have helped her. I wanted to. But all I did was stand and watch them.

Sophie's courage was admirable. She was so confident back then.

She tries to hide behind the books. As if they'll protect her and maybe they do.

Sometimes this 'bad boy' title makes me do something I really shouldn't. Although I never wanted that title but when I became one, I did not realize what I'm signing up for.

Now it's different, I pretend that I don't give two shits about anyone or anything.

That's what a Bad Boy is supposed to do, right?

"Back to earth Ray...back to earth" I saw my best friend Chase snapping his fingers in front of me bringing me back from my thoughts.

"Huh?" I said with a confused look.

"You zoned out!" he said while grinning.

"Shut up you moron. I didn't" I said annoyed.

"Hahaha...I can't believe Ray. You just zoned out. Sounds like some teen girl fangirling"

I threw him death glares he stopped laughing then.

"What is it?" chase asked me in a serious tone.

"What. Nothing" I replied. But who was I kidding. He's Chase my best buddy and I won't take him long enough to find out.

"Seriously mate! Spill" he said making faces.

"Alright, It's her." I said.

"Who Ellen?"

"Ellen. What. No...It's Soaf"

"Ohh the nerdy girl. What about her?" he chirped.

"I think I saw her at the party last night. But I know she's not the party type-" Chase didn't let me complete.

"Don't tell me, you keep zonin

here she was, looking simple yet elegant. She wore black shorts with a captain America t-shirt. She had sternly set jaw, deep soulful eyes and long hair that cascaded over her shoulders in ringlets.

"Umm...Hey." she said.

I was drooling over her.

Get a grip idiot

"Hey come in." I said gesturing her to come inside.

While she comforted herself on the couch I went to the kitchen getting something to eat. Don't judge me.

1) I was hungry.

2) That's what you're supposed to do when someone comes to your house right?

When I went back there with some cold coffee and pasta, I saw her reading my project. She had come here to help me. I didn't actually do enough work but I know she'll help me.

She was still busy reading the project when I placed the tray on the table and sat beside her.

She stopped reading and look up to me in the eye. Her eyes though gentle brown, seemed unusually penetrating.

Suddenly her eyes became cold from soft. I saw something was disturbing her.

"You didn't work on your topic. Did you?" she said in hard voice.

"Umm..Well I did some research work." I said.

"Yeah I can see that" she said sarcastically.

Well when I said I did some research I meant I read a paragraph on my topic and made some notes on it. Don't blame me. I don't like physics at all.

"Uhh... Look I'm sorry princess but I was too busy. Believe me."

"Busy as in? You were busy partying or what?" she said throwing me death glares.

Shit. She was there.

My plan is screwed.


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