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   Chapter 10 no.10

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Okay Soaf. You can handle her don't panic.

I thought to myself and suddenly an ear-splitting noise went across the hall. I snapped to see who it was and found her to be none other than Lavy.


She was standing right here in front of me a moment ago!

By now everyone was looking at her while she burst out laughing at someone.

At this point I knew Dany was the only one who could help me right now. Soon I turned towards him.

"Dany! HELP"

Yes, these four letters written in capital was exactly what I needed for the moment. Okay, this is not normal for me. I mean I have never seen her drunk.

Hell! I don't even know when she started drinking! I use to think she hasn't started yet.

Maybe it's her first time. I've read it in books, being drunk for the first time is a really terrible experience and it soon turns out to be a misery for life.

Well, that's not what we want. I just hope we get home safely and tomorrow when she is sober I'm going to rake her over the coals.

But for now I need Dany to help me.

You know the situation has become even worse because by now Raymond and his friends are also staring at Lavy who is still laughing like she just saw a video in AFV.

Thankfully Raymond doesn't know that Lavy is my sister, yes he has met mom but not Lavy, yet. But I can't go there and stop her.

Everyone present in the hall is staring at her. I just hope she doesn't make a fool of herself.

"Dany, stop her. Do something. Please." I whispered.

He nodded and went in the direction where Lavy was standing.

I hope this doesn't turn things worse than they already are.

I would have pulled Lavy out already if it weren't for Raymond. I don't want him to see me.

"Ohh sweetheart. You did it." Dany exclaimed, a smile plastered on his lips. I saw him in confusion just like everyone else in the room.

What is this boy doing?

He continued "Well, ladies and gentlemen. This was just a dare, you see-" everyone sighed and laughed and some started hooting whiles some clapping. Dany stopped and nodded his head with a huge grin.

"Yeah, so you can continue with whatever you were doing." He shouted and almost everyone turned back minding their own business.

I think I will need some lessons from him on how to turn a

That's not fair at all. I need to talk to him about this.

Dany went down to grab some water and aspirin. He said Lavy will need some aspirin.

I was tired, my body ached and my eyelids were feeling heavy. I sat next to Lavy on the bed, placing my head on the side wall and brought my legs close to my chest.

Dany took a pillow and sat down on the small couch which was placed near the window. He then slide back in a sleeping position and stretched his legs while sliding his one hand under his neck. His grey-stormy eyes looked amazing in moonlight. His dark brown hair looked sweaty but perfect as he ran his fingers through them. This was when I gave a close look at him. He probably had been going for work-outs, he looks so muscular not doubt he had abs.

Dany surely has changed a lot.

I was about to ask him to stay for the night but before I could ask him, he glanced towards me whispering "I really missed you, Kim". He gave a weak smile and closed his eyes sighing before turning his back towards me.

These words were enough for me to know that he is going to stay tonight. None of us have changed our clothes.

I know I'm wearing the new ones but I'm too tired, my body feels dizzy and I'm in no mood to get up and get changed. I just want to sleep right now.

I felt something buzzing under me.

1 message from Raymond

* Tap to read*

Where are you, princess?

I ignored it and preferred to close my eyes and go where my unconscious calls me. I can sort this out tomorrow.


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