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   Chapter 9 no.9

Stuck With Mr. Popular By no_one_finds_me Characters: 6946

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"OH MY GOD! Dany!" I exclaimed in the state of shock.

Yes Dany, my idiotic and the only best friend I ever had. Dany and I knew each other since our diaper days. Earlier we use to be neighbors and then when we entered High School Dany shifted to New Jersey leaving me behind. I hate him, the fact being that he left me when he knew I had no friend except him. Dany and I use to spend most of our vacations together going in the same summer camp. When I turned fifteen I started growing feelings for Dany, but I knew I would always remain in his best friend only and nothing more than that. Dany became one of the populars in the Middle school but at that time in school there were no such categories as 'The Populars' and 'The Nerds'.

So yeah, despite Dany being amongst the popular we use to hang out in school. If it would've been high school then I bet we would no longer be hanging out together because here in Acumen high if you're around the populars then you're the 'hot gossip topic' and Dany knew I had scopophobia.

"Hey Kim! Nice to see you again. When did you start partying?"

Dany use to call me Kim that was the pet name given to me by him because he thought there was nothing I couldn't do especially in studies and since I was crazy after the backyard science we use to do those crazy stupid experiments at home during our holidays. So when we were ten he started calling me kimpossible girl and there's where from my name Kim comes from.

"Actually never. Because someone promised me when I was twelve that he would be the first one to introduce me to the parties like this" I frowned a bit but Dany continued to smile at this while his eyes went cold and hurt. Like he didn't want to show that hurt on his face.

He shook his head in amazement before saying "You still remember. Well that's fancy" he said winking at me. A strange smile formed on his lips.

"So Kim, how did you land up here in a party then?" He asked while taking a sip from his drink which he was holding before putting it on the bar counter.

"Well you know Lavy, she forced me

l party-" Dany continued talking but I was no longer listening to him. I was somehow controlling my urge to see to what Raymond is doing now. Though Dany and I were still talking but I couldn't control my urge anymore and I tilted my head a little to see Raymond. At one moment he was taking a sip from his drink while laughing with his friends or 'The Populars' of Acumen high while the other moment he again started kissing the girl sitting beside him and his arms were wrapped around her waist.

Disappointed by this, I again shifted my gaze towards Dany who was telling about his dad's business and how he is also going to help him this time. Suddenly my thoughts were snapped when I heard a muffled sound from the table where Dany and I were sitting.


I looked up to find out who the person was.


"WOOOWWW!!! ....DAAAAAANNNNYYYYYYY ISSS BAAAAACK!!! SOOOAAFF" Lavy said in a very loud voice but not much louder since music was still very high. Lavy was stumbling again and again. She was not able to stand properly. She was hobbling here and there and then came back to our table stumbling and then it hit me.

Shit, she is drunk.

What have you done Sophie? You should've taken care of her. After all you are her elder sister. At least you should've warned her once idiot!

Now how will we get home?

I'm so dead.

Mom is going to kill me!


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