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   Chapter 8 no.8

Stuck With Mr. Popular By no_one_finds_me Characters: 5195

Updated: 2018-06-06 13:51

"Please please please Soaf please come. Please Soaf please. You know mom won't allow me to go to the party alone, please, Soaf. For me please. Just once" Lavy was actually on her knees, begging me to go with her to some stupid party just because she had to meet her boyfriend.

Ughh! This girl!

Then there is me, least interested in going to some random shitty party.

"No and that's it, my answer won't change. Alright. So NO, a big NO" I said, exasperated.

Truth to be told, I was vexed!

I have this chemistry test tomorrow and I haven't studied a single word. I cannot go!

And who throws a party on a school day anyway?!

And I have never been to these stupid parties where people are going crazy as heck and all they do s keep drinking, dancing and playing truth and dare and beer pong all night.

"I am so sorry Soaf. But you forced me to do this." Lavy said before going outside.

"Wha- wait!" I yelled at the door which was now closed behind her.

I returned back to this stupid chemical equations and for the last time I tried to understand..

Nope it didn't work.

"Ughhh I am so fed up of this chapter" I groaned. I was really a pissed off when mom entered the room and sat next to me giving me a warm hug and said "Oh my little doll. It's totally fine if you want a break from all this studying you should definitely go to the party. Don't feel shy you can always tell these things to me right? After all I am your mother Sophie."

"But I-" I was cut off by mom.

No, you should definitely go. Lavy told me that you

e bar because I didn't want it to look like I am a loner or something. Which is the truth anyway. I had no one.

I was sitting there and watching no almost staring everyone, I saw a familiar figure approaching me. The view wasn't clear enough for me to recognize the person.

But I could see his muscular body; he was tall and his dark brown hair looking like a mess yet adorable on him.

Wait. No no no no no...this cannot be happening. God please tell me he is not back. Please it cannot be him. NO No ways. It cannot be him.

"So when did you started partying huh?" he said in a deep voice. And I didn't take me long to recognize his voice. But I couldn't believe it. He is finally back. After three years.

As the person came and stood next to me with a can of beer in his one hand and smirk on his lips. He wore jeans and maroon v-neck t-shirt. What is he doing here and when did he come back?

Ladies and gentlemen this person standing next to me was my ex- bestfriend 'Dany' or should I say Daniel Anderson.


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