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   Chapter 7 no.7

Stuck With Mr. Popular By no_one_finds_me Characters: 6462

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The rest of the day went lazily. I was very much tired. I finally decided to get a shower since it was so hot outside. While taking shower there were many thoughts across my mind but every bit of them was about?Raymond. I really don't know what is happening to me.

I mean the past two weeks have been a disaster. Suddenly, I the nerd am paired up with Raymond Reynolds a.k.a Mr. Popular of school and all of a sudden those typical chick flick stories ran through my mind.

But you know what? This is the real life. Not a fantasy.

I went out wrapped in a towel and got a tank top and ripped blue jeans to wear. I heard the doorbell and I had a look at the clock it was five in the evening. I knew who it was. So I went downstairs in the dining room with my notebook in one hand and pen in other, I turned around to see none other than Mike.

Yeah, today I had to teach Mike and then I have to go Raymond's house to help him with the Project.

"Hey." Mike said in a toneless voice.

"Hey! Is anything wrong, mike?" I was worried for him. You see Mike is too much disturbed especially by the fact that their financial conditions aren't well. I have to help him at any cost. Once I asked Mom to help them with the money and Mom did ask Aunt Telsa about it?but she refused and I respected her decision because she knew it that her condition weren't going to change anytime soon and helping her with the money would then be for a long passage of time. Which will in a way disturb our financial condition too.

"Umm-Soaf" He choked.

"Yeah? Speak up, Mikey." I asked. Trying to cheer him up. I knew something is wrong with him but he will never speak of his problems until they become a misery.

"Soaf, c-can you please ask Raymond to teach me?" He asked sweetly. While pulling that sweet innocent puppy face at me.

What the hell!


Am I that bad at teaching?

"You know, I'm offended." I said giving him a pointed

that wasn't a date but I don't know, she's not ready to believe me. I am so sorr-"

Ray cut me off in between. "Princess, I was just kidding. Why are you giving me explanations anyway? Just chill, I was kidding that's it. Don't apologize, okay? It's no one's fault. Also, it was kind of a date, right?"? Ray said smiling as we now sat on the dining table.

I was still shocked by his last words. I told Raymond that Mike wanted Raymond to teach him Maths, it was embarrassing for me as I was supposed to be teaching him but thanks to Mr. Popular now Mike thinks he's a better teacher.

I don't even get it. Raymond Reynolds who doesn't even submits his assignments on time and moreover he finds them difficult plus he is not good at studies can teach a 10th grade boy so well.

Isn't that weird?

Though Ray seemed to be happy I don't know why but I felt good looking him like that. While he was teaching Mike he had this amazing smile on his face with those twinkling eyes and the ways he looked was something I cannot even explain. His blue hazel eyes, his dirty blonde hair looked like a mess but it only enhanced his looks. His perfect jaw cut and-

Wait a second. I am checking him out Ohh god.

What happened to you Soaf?

What are you doing!

Stop Soaf, stop it.

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