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   Chapter 2 no.2

Stuck With Mr. Popular By no_one_finds_me Characters: 6334

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I was tired as the day came to an end. I had a hectic schedule today and even I had to do a lot of research regarding our physics project. My head ached.

It was 12:15 a.m when I went to sleep.

As I hit the bed and was about to sleep something started vibrating.

I realized it was my phone and searched for it.

1 missed call from Raymond

1 message from Raymond

*Tap to read*

Hey princess!

Meet me in the corridor tomorrow. We need to fix a schedule for our physics project!

P.S - Goodnight. Sleep tight. Try not to dream about me

~ Raymond

Is he for real?

Arrogant pompous

I replied with

Alright, I'll see you there then!

I'm no princess.

P.S - Goodnight.

~ Sophie

My phone vibrated again.

1 message from Raymond

* Tap to read*

Good night princess. Sweet dreams and sleep well!




Next day as decided I was going to meet him in the corridor. I was waiting for him, the bell rang and everyone went in their classes. I was still waiting for him even though I was getting late for my class.

Time kept on waiting for him for the next 10 minutes. I tried calling him but he wasn't picking up my calls.

Corridor was now empty, finally I decided to drop him a message and go to my class.

After the class I again tried calling him and searched for him in the canteen, where most of the time his friends hang out.

I even searched for him at the school's backdoor, which is usually a place where kids hide when they bunk, or smoke.


It has been three days since he messaged me but he didn't come to school a single day. I called him a couple of times but he didn't answer any of them neither the calls nor the messages.

Ohh god what a mess he is!

I heard a bunch of girls talking about Raymond going on a trip with Ellen and some of their friends.

Okay. Maybe he's with her. Maybe busy. Maybe fucking. I don't care.

At least he should pick up my calls or reply to the messages.

All I'm worried about is our project. Mine, infact.

Soaf it is going to be difficult for you.


Next day I decided to go to Mr. Smulders for help. As I entered the room I saw a tall muscular boy standing while his back was facing me. His muscles flexed as he scratched the back of his neck.

No Sophie. This is not the time to drool after someone.

Mr. Smulders was talking with someone on the phone and gesturing the guy about something at the same time. Probably the person on the call was boy's father for some complaint, I guess. As Mr. Smulders voice became more and more clear I heard him saying

"Sophie of course...who else it could be. Sure I'll see to it, alright sir. That won't be problem" And after that he hung up.

"Ahh, Sophie" Mr. Smulders sighed, as I came to stand in front of him.

The boy was now standing next to me. As Mr. Smulders called out my name the boy turned to me.

I tried to act calm, and from my peripheral vision glanced at the hot g-



What the hell is he doing here?

Well, at least I found him.

I scowled at him and tried to glare at him.

Key word being tried.

I notice tha

t Raymond was trying hard not to laugh at me.

I scrunched my nose and tried to glare at him. Again.

And this time he burst into fit of laughter.

Pompous head.

"Sophie" said Mr. Smulders.

We both turned towards him, me with a tinge of anger on my face while Raymond had this really cute boyish grin on his lips.

He looked adorable. He was smiling like a little boy about to get his Birthday Present.

Wait, adorable?

He's nothing more than spawn of Satan.

"Sophie, can you please help Raymond with his assignments. He has not submitted any of them. Also, I want you to tutor him." Mr. Smulders said in a very low and sweet voice.

No no no no no....

"I..umm...I- I, okay" I said, but truth to be told I didn't want to teach him at all.

Like ever.

Never even in my dreams.

"Good, Raymond you can talk to her for any other problem. Now you may leave" Mr. Smulders said as he gestured us to leave, without even glancing at us and started doing some works on his laptop.

As we came out of his room Raymond turned towards me.

May I add, words were full of enthusiasm.

"So let's start, princess." He said and I could sense the excitement in his voice.

"No-no-no. We, first you tell me where were you all these days? I had to start our project on my own. I had to work till 1 in the morning" I spat.

Although I had a lot of patience in me I hardly get angry, but this boy knows how to get under my skin.

"I...ummm...I was busy" He replied in a plain voice while his blue eyes were looking straight into mine.

Those eyes, oh god. I don't know but something happens to me when sees me like this.

Butterflies started fluttering in my stomach.

Or maybe I'm hungry.

You're still mad at him. Remember?

"Raymond, I know this is a joke for you but my marks really do matter for me, a lot."

"It's Ray!" He deadpanned.


"Call me Ray."

What is he saying? I am angry at him.

Ughhh god!

"Ray! Just tell me this, do you want to help or not because I am perfectly capable of finishing the project on my own." I said while anger flared into my senses.



"No. I mean. I'll help." Ray said, winking at me.

Can you believe it?

Winking at me.

Has he ever been serious?

I told him to meet me at the library after third period.


As we were sitting in the Library I was helping him with his physics assignment. I was reading a book and he was trying to do the question I taught him. From the corner of my eyes I saw him staring me as I was reading the book.

"Princess, are you free on Saturday?", asked Raymond with his famous lopsided smirk on.

I almost said "It's not like I have friends, you know?", But I can't bore him with my loner stories already right?

Why does he want to know anyway?

"Umm...Yeah" I said, still suspicious.

Why does he want to know?

"Great then, I'll pick you at five be ready", he said. Tinge of excitement could be sensed in his voice.

"What...where?", I asked.

"Just be ready....ohh...c'mon princess, chill its regarding our project. See you then!" He turned on his heels and went out of the library.

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