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Oh shoot

I was late for school. Last night I was completing my chemistry project and so I slept late, around 3:00 a.m.

I changed my clothes as fast as I could and rushed out of my home. Mom probably went on a walk otherwise she would have woke me up. Which means Lavy is still asleep. Lavy is younger than me by two years. Dad left us five years after Lavy was born, I don't know any legit reason behind their divorce but every time I ask mom she just shrugs it off by, "Things weren't working between us." and I never inquest any further.

Dad never really comes around, not even to check how we are putting up without him. Initially it hurts, more to mom than us but with time we have grown accustomed to it.

Growing up Lavy always use to question "Why always mom takes us to the Zoo and not dad?" It became so intricate for us to answer her.

I went downstairs to Lavy's room to wake her up. After approximately fifteen minutes we were running four blocks down towards our school.

I could feel sweat droplets rolling down between the valley on my bust. First period and I am already stinking. Taking a few deep breaths to counter my pants I entered the classroom. I knew I was already late for my Physics class but since it was the first and hopefully the last time I was hoping Mr. Smuldres wouldn't mind. Holding the cold metal in my hand I rotated it to unlock the door and suddenly I was pushed inside the classroom. Stumbling, I somehow managed not to fall and grabbed the first desk to balance myself.

I looked behind and saw a guy in grey hoodie sprinting towards last bench.

Mr. Smulders, who initially had his back towards the class now turned around and glanced at me, my panting wasn't dead yet and my facial expressions weren't hiding the fact that I was scared.

Scared because I was probably about to get my first detention.

I couldn't decipher Mr. Smulders' expression. He was......staring.

Just staring. So I stood there fiddling with my fingers and looking at nothing in particular.

Finally, some words escaped from his mouth, "Next time you're late Ms. Esinberg you'll be signing up yourself for detention. You can find a seat now."

Giving him a nod I sat on the first bench. No one really occupies the first bench, which is except me, obviously.

"As you all know, you have to submit a project on Application of Physics. I hope you all have chosen a topic. I'm passing a sheet; please write your topics against your name."

Everyone did as told. After everyone wrote down their topics I passed the sheet to Mr. Smulders, as I was sitting on the front desk. While handing him the sheet my gaze fell on it. Everyone had a topic except Raymond.

Raymond Reynolds. The famous bad boy of Acumen High. He has everything one can think of. Loaded parents, a bunch of friends- the popular group of Acumen High, amazing body, perfect boyish smile. Every girl throws herself at him and every boy wants to be in his shoes. You know the typical clichés where girls worship the land bad boy walks on, this is exactly the case.

Okay I admit he's good-looking. I mean he has a good pair of muscles and six-pack abs. Blue eyes. Honey gold skin. But those blue eyes hold much more than the fa?ade mask he always wears.

The blank column in front of his name left me wondering if he deliberately chose not to write any topic (because he has a habit of riling teachers) or he doesn't truly have a topic.

"Mr. Reynolds, why haven't you written any topic?", Mr. Smulders' resonant voice filled the classroom attracting everyone's attention towards Raymond.

I looked back too, the guy with the grey hoodie. Raymond.

He replied in the most casual tone anyone could use, "Because I haven't decided it yet.", he said.

"And may I know the reason why?" Mr. Smulders asked.

"Well, I have been busy lately", Raymond shrugged.

Mr. Smulders was giving him a pointed look urging him to continue.

"You know …football practice and stuff.", finished Raymond.

"Very well", Mr. Smulders mumbled and started scanning the classroom as if trying t

o find something, well the hunt soon ceased as his gaze settled on me.

"Sophie, meet me after this period" he said before returning back to whatever he was doing.

Oh boy. This doesn't sound good, does it?


"Sophie, I want you to do me favor", Mr. Smulders said. I couldn't deny whatever it was, so I told him I will do it.

"I want you to pair up with Raymond for this project", he said, his eyes locked with mine.


I wanted to say but couldn't. One look at Mr. Smulders face and anyone could tell how persistent he is on partnering me with Raymond.

So, I chose not to speak. At all.

"I know it is going to be a battle for you Sophie but I don't think you would like to lose your credits because of this."

What the…

Mr. Smulders is trying to blackmail me?

Ughhh. I hate my life.

I lowered my gaze in defeat. "So I thought", he said. "Thank you, Sophie. You may leave now."

How did I get myself in this situation, I had no idea. All I know is I have been paired up with my worst nightmare.


Walking down the corridor, it wasn't difficult to locate Raymond and his group.

Help me god

I summoned up all my courage and started walking towards their direction.

They were laughing, giving each other high five, doing some weird handshake and on the other side I was standing right next to their group trying to figure out how to tell Raymond about the project.

Suddenly the noise died, I looked up to Raymond and my sight was greeted by a lopsided smirk and raised eyebrows.

I think I forgot to tell you that I'm an introvert and I don't have friends. Literally, nearest thing to a friend that I have is my younger sister Lavy. Books in the library are more familiar to my face than our school's canteen.

" You can stop swooning, girl.", said Ellen sarcastically.

" Speak girl", Ellen said again.

Bunch of students' gathered around started laughing. But Raymond didn't.

Well, meet Ellen Whitmore. Queen Bee? Right.

Ellen was a beautiful but arrogant girl. She always showed off because her parents were rich and since she was the only girl in Raymond's group she was always treated special and everyone flirts with her.

Raymond gave her a pointed look before grabbing my arm and pulling me towards the other end of the corridor.

"You fine?", Raymond asked.

"I-yeah. Yup", I replied, nodding.

"I actually wanted to tell you that Mr. Smulders asked me to pair up with you for our Physics project, apparently because you haven't decided the topic yet but that's just what I assumed he did not tell me the rea-"

"He-Hey!", Raymond's blue eyes were looking straight into mine.

"Calm down, take a deep breath", I followed his instructions.

"Good, now correct me if I'm wrong. You and I are paired up for the Physics project, right?" he gave me quizzical look.

"Yeah", I replied.

"Cool. I think it is beneficial for you, munchkin", he replied winking at me.

Why is he winking at me?

Beneficial for me?


Joke of the millennium.


"Yeah, I mean you get to work with me, munchkin. You must be squealing inside"

"In your dreams", I replied exasperated.

"Well, I didn't know you earlier but after this-" He said pointing a finger at me and then at himself "- maybe in my dreams, princess."

What is he saying?

I scrunched up my eyebrows in confusion before shrugging.

"So give me you mobile number I'll contact you...umm what is your name?"

We've been in the same maths and physics class for the past two years!


"It's Sophie. Sophie Esinberg", we finally exchanged our number.

"Alright Princess! I'll call you then", he said, winking at me again.

Did he just say princess?

"Okay", mumbled softly as I turned around and started walking towards the library.

A voice echoed across the hallway and I although I knew the words were directed to me I scoffed at his words which said "Try not to think about me too much, princess", I ignored him and? kept walking towards the library.

This guy is delusional

Egoistic nincompoop


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