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   Chapter 6 NO.6

His Sweetheart By Courtney Radford Characters: 3585

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Nick POV:

Getting a phone call that changes your life is completely heartbreaking. Receiving a phone call when you are sat with Amelia and Luke and trying to pretend that everything is okay is hard.

"Hi mom, is everything okay?" I ask. I hadn't even told my parents about Luke yet. I have been concentrated on getting the love of my life back. I should tell them.

"No, Nick. Please come home" She sobs and my heart beat increases in panic. What happened?

"What's wrong mom?" I ask softly. I see Amelia grab my hand in comfort and give me a small, soft smile.

"Your father had another heart attack...He's been rushed to hospital" she rushed out, as if she didn't want to admit it out loud. I feel my eyes begin to tear up.

"Okay mom, I'll be on the next plane home. I'll call my private jet now" I say, "I love you mom, stay strong for dad, okay? Send my love to him" I say before I hang up the phone.

"Where are you going daddy?" Luke asked, his eyes already fillin


I already lost the love of my life, how could I lose my father too?

I jump into the same cab I had asked to wait for me after I came back from Amelia's and asked to drive back to hers.

When I knocked on the door, Luke threw himself at me and I held him in my arms.

"Does your parents know about Luke?" Amelia asked, she grabs the bags and I immediately put Luke down to grab them for her.

"No, I'll tell them when we get there" I say.

"They are going to hate me" she mumbled. They won't, my parents were very understanding.

We get into the cab and are on our way to the air port.

"Ready?" I asked her and squeezed her hand gently.

"Ready" she nods before we step into the airport.

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