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   Chapter 5 NO.5

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Amelia Smith POV:

"Hello?" I say. My hand was still in Nicks and not once has he let go. It was the little things I missed most about him. The way he always looked to make sure I was okay, always holding my hand as a sign of love and comfort, when he hugged me from behind or when he snuggled in bed with me. The two years have made me feel extremely lonely but I have never been- I love Luke to bits but he is hard work.

"Amelia! I heard your baby daddy is back!" Autumn, my other best friend greets.

"Yeah" I say, "drew told you?" I ask. Damn, he was the gossip of the group. He didn't even give me a chance to tell anyone before he did.

"Yeah! Drew also told me he is hotter in person, is he? Is he? Is he?" She sounds hyper yet annoyed at him being back.

"Yes" I murmur, my eyes meeting his as I take in his handsome features.

"Oh! That asshole! That undeniably hot asshole" she yells into the phone.

"Was there any reason you called?" I scowl at the fact she screeched in my ear.

"Yes actually. How about you meet Drew and I?" She asked.

"Now?" I ask. Luke and Nick were still talking away and even though I love watching the bond they have, I need some advice from my friends about what I should do about nick. He wants my forgiveness and I want to forgive him but after convincing yourself you aren't good enough for years, it's hard for it all to fall back into place.

"No, Christmas" she says sarcastically.

"Alright, alright. Where to?" I ask with a smile.

"McDonald's! I want food!" I swear she is a kid at times.

"Okay see you there" I say and hang up.

"Everything okay?" Nick asks, smiling his gorgeous smile at me.

"Yeah, I've actually got to go. My friends want to meet me" I see the disappointment on Nicks face. "Luke can stay, I'll be gone for a few hours" I add.

Nick frowns, and takes his hand from mine.

I get up, ready to leave and he sighs before giving me a small smile.

"Have fun" he says. I smile at him, knowing that he obviously isn't happy yet still tells me to enjoy myself. He was seriously the best boyfriend and husband ever- no one could wish for more.

"Thanks, text me and I'll pick him up whenever" I say. Luke gives me a hug and a kiss on the cheek before whispering if we could spend time as a family.

"Another time Luke, okay?" I ask and he nods, pouting.

"I love you mummy" he whispers, his cute voice sounds sad because he wanted us to spend time as a family.

"I love you too Luke. Now, go and talk to your daddy. I'm sure you have lots to talk about" I say with a smile. I get out of the booth and as I walk past Nick, he grabs my hand and squeezed it.

"Call me if you need anything" he says, his gorgeous eyes looking into mine. He was also so caring that it made so many people fall in love with him. The best thing with Nick and I was that we never argued, he always told me that he didn't want to argue with me. So every time it felt like there was an argument coming on, he would leave for a few hours and i would try to calm myself down by going to sleep or having a shower, then when he came home we talked about it in a mature manner. We would let each other tell the problem and what they thought and vice versa.

"Thank you" I say sincerely, without even thinking about my actions, I lean down and place a small kiss on his cheek.

I watch as he closes his eyes, his lips tilting into a smile. He opens his eyes again and he can't seem to get the smile off of his face- she couldn't either. Yes she loves him and yes she was hurt on whether it happened or not. But it's been a long time. Even if it did happen, maybe he has changed?

She lets go of his hand and leaves the shop before walking to the closest McDonald's.

"Girl!" Autumn yells, catching the attention of a few other people who scowl at her. "I've already ordered for you" she adds, I smile at her and walk over to Autumn and Drew.

"Hey" I smile.

"Really? A hey? No 'I think I'm in love with him' or 'I think I hate him' just hey? Wow, I expected more" Autumn says before eating some fries.

My eyes widen, "I've just got here!" I defend, taking a sip of my drink.

"And you still haven't told us" she says impatiently.

"Well Luke really loves him already" I start with a shaky breath, "and I think maybe we could start over. We have so much history together. And think about it, if he didn't really want me back then why is he here?" I ask. They look at me and blink before Drew smiles and lets out a 'yeah' and Autumn begins singing in happiness at the top of her voice.

Why am I friends with them again?

"I think you should. I mean, I could tell he still loves you. Maybe don't jump start back into it and be so serious straight away. Just take your time" Drew says.

"Yeah just have some fun. You haven't been able to have fun since you have been raising Luke. It's been you, on your own. Sure you have had us but I think he would be good for you. I think he could bring back the fun self you were" Autumn smiled.

I nod my head, checking my phone to see if there were any texts.

"But what if it did happen between them? That's my best friend and my husband" I said what the small part of me was thinking. The photos were unclear, but I could tell it was him with someon

e who looked like her.

"Why would he be here? You've already answered that Amelia. He fucking kisses the floor you walk on, he did then and he still does. He loves you. He wants your forgiveness. Maybe just speak to him about it" Autumn says.

One thing I've never been able to do is to talk to Nick about that night. The night where my heart broke into trillions of pieces. The night when I got send photos of Nick and my best friend kissing and what not. The night I went home to tell him I was pregnant and saw Nick coming out of the shower and her with her top off.

"Speak to him" they say and I nod.

"Now?" I ask and they nod eagerly.

"How about later? I think it might be better to speak to him in person about it" I say honestly.

My friends and I begin to talk about anything and everything. Before me phone went off.

My phone begins to ring and I looked to see Nick was calling me.

"Hi Nick, is everything ok?" I ask and he sighs.

"Yeah everything is fine. I was wandering when you wanted me to drop Luke off. You've been gone for almost two hours and I think he is getting a bit restless without you"

"Oh, it's already been two hours?" I ask.

"Yeah, whenever you are ready to, come back over and I'll drive you and Luke home. Or I can pick you up." He says. Knowing that Autumn would love to see him in person I ask him to pick me up.

"Okay I'll see you in a bit then" I say.

"Yeah, bye sweeth- bye Amelia" he corrects himself before ending the call. I frown.

I wait outside the shop with Autumn and Drew.

"Any way, I'll see you guys later"

"Text me how it goes" Autumn nudges me with her arm.

Nick being the caring person he is, opens the car door for me after asking if I had a good day.

"Yeah it was fun, but I need to talk to you later" I say and he nods.

He shuts the door and walks to the drivers side, just as Luke shouts 'mummy I missed you'

I get a text from Autumn, saying that Nick is hotter in person which I rolled my eyes at. He really was hotter in person.

The drive quick, Nick and I never spoke yet Luke continued to talk about what Nick and him had been doing since I left.

Nick helps me and Luke out before we make our way to my house.

Luke immediately goes to his room whilst I face Nick.

"Can we talk?" I ask. He nods his head before I grab his hand and we sit on the sofa.

"I want you to explain what happened that night" I say. He didn't seem annoyed or angry, instead I saw a spark of hope appear in his eye.

"I messaged you just before I was about to get into the shower" he sighs, " and then there was a knock at the door. I knew it couldn't have been you but Lily was there. She told me that you said she could wait and I obviously wouldn't tell your friend to leave. Even if she did make me feel uncomfortable" he says. "She said she was going to wait downstairs and I got into the shower and I heard the door open. So I came out of the shower to see you and Lily was in our room with her top off. I don't know why, but you clearly did" he squeezes his eyes shut as if he could still feel the pain he felt that night.

"I was so heartbroken" he whispers, "I could never even look at a girl that wasn't you Amelia, I still can't. Anyway, you know the rest" he says. I could tell he didn't want to talk about the arguing or the divorce. That was what had hurt me most too.

"I'm sorry" I say with a small sigh. "I should have never believed the pictures" I add.

"Pictures?" He questions confused.

I went to get the pictures. Every single time I wanted Nick or I missed him, I looked at these extract pictures as a remembrance of what he done to me and that he broke my heart. Now I don't think he done it.

"What the fuck?" He growls, looking at the images that looked to be Lily and him. "I swear Amelia, I would never ever cheat on you, especially with that girl" he promised.

The more he looked at the photos, the more angry he got.

"Why have you still got them?" He asked. I shrugged, I didn't want to tell him the real reason.

" I don't get it, how did someone take these when this is from our room? Our room was upstairs" he says and I frown. I was always too busy remembering the heartbreak that i didn't even notice that it was in our room.

"I don't know Nick" I say honestly.

He sighs at looks at me, a mixture of hope and determination.

"Do you believe me?" He asked lowly and I surprise myself when I nod and hug him.

"Yes, I believe you" when Nick lied to me, which was only once or twice since we were together, he could never maintain eye contact. He lied to me when he got my engagement ring and said he went out with his friends and another time when I asked him if he was okay and he says yes, even though he wasn't. He was nervous to propose.

Nick wraps his arms around my waist, his head buried into the crook of my neck and the longing feeling in my stomach is back. He held onto me so tight, as if he was afraid I would disappear. We stay like that for a while, before Nick looks at me and smiles.

I return the smile and grin when I see his face light up like a Christmas tree.

He took me into another hug, this time his chin was on my head and I could hear his smile when he whispers 'thank you for believing me'.

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