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Nick Black POV:

I type in the number that was on her file. I couldn't sleep all night. I thought it was because I already slept, but I was still really tired. I realised it was because I had a son, a son I didn't know about until now. I call the number, putting the phone to my ear.

"Hello" I hear my sweetheart say, i could hear her smile and it made me happy that she was happy.

"Hi, it's Nick" I say and I hear her telling Luke to finish playing with his toys. "I was wandering, when would I be able to see him?" I ask and she sighs before replying.

"Well, today. If you want" She says and i nod my head whilst replying with a 'yes'.

"I might have to come with, Luke isn't comfortable without me" She says and I smile, my son is a mummy's boy. Just like I am.

"That's fine" I say with a grin, spending time with them both as a family is my only wish. However, I know it wouldn't be as amazing as I think, since Amelia has not forgiven me yet.

"Okay, meet us in Starbucks in an hour" she demands and my grin widens. I always loved my girls bossy and demanding side, it was fucking hot to see her take control of a situation and expect people to listen.

"Sounds good" i say. She sighs, and I think of asking what was wrong. "Are you okay?" I add. My Amelia was a strong girl. She would always say that she was fine no matter the current situation. But hearing her sigh, as if she was not fine, made me want to ensure that she isn't upset.

"Yeah, I'm okay Nick. Everything's quite stressful at the moment" she says honestly. I nod my head even though she couldn't see me. "Are you okay? I feel like an asshole for not telling you about Luke. I'm so sorry" she whispers achingly. As if not telling me about Luke affected her too. "I really did want to tell you, I did. But when that whole thing came up, I assumed you were going to leave me anyway" Amelia had these absurd insecurities that I would leave her for another girl, I wouldn't even touch or look at another woman like I do with Amelia. I had the best of the best. What more could I want?

"Don't" I say simply, "Yes, I was shocked and annoyed and angry because I missed the last two years of my son's life but don't feel like an asshole. I know you, sweetheart, you don't act on impulse. You think things over and maybe it didn't look right when you came home and Lily was there- even though she just barged in. I assumed you wouldn't mind because she was your best friend, who was I to send her away? My point is you chose the best decision for you and Luke at the moment in time" I say. I remember how we spoke about what we wanted our children to be named. I always wanted a son called Luke and the fact she called him Luke when we weren't together gave me little hope.

"But not the best decision for you" she says, she sniffs quietly, "I feel so bad Nick. The guilt is eating me up, it has been for the last two years but seeing you and how you reacted when knowing we had a son made it a whole lot worse" I hear a little sob escape, and feel my heart shatter into a trillion pieces. I knew she felt bad, her intentions were good, but I didn't know she felt that bad.

"I forgive you, sweetheart" I say, my voice lowering, "please don't cry. It breaks my heart to hear you cry when I can't do anything about it" I add in a low voice.

"But.. I was imagining myself in your shoes. So if I found out I had a child and missed two years of their life, I would be extremely upset and hate the person who took them away. Don't you hate me for doing that to you?" She asked. The image of her silently crying down the phone to me, clutching the phone and harshly wiping away her tears and being angry at herself for doing that, tugged at my heart. My heart felt heavy knowing she wasn't ok.

"I could never hate you" my words were soft, yet smothered with sincerity because it's the truth. I was beyond hurt that I wasn't told about my son, but I needed my girl to be ok too. I believed strongly that Amelia was- is my soulmate, I believe that we are meant to be together. I believe that Amelia is truly sorry and upset for what she done. And I forgive her.

We forgive those we love.

This, however, seems to make her cry even more.

"I'm so sorry. I can't stop apologising, I feel like an asshole" she cries out.

"Mummy, why are you crying?" I hear Luke ask Amelia, worried.

"Mummy did something mean to daddy" she whispers to

Luke, "Mummy is upset at her actions" she adds.

"Sweetheart, I know you feel guilty. I know you feel like shit because you didn't tell me about Luke. But listen to me, okay, just listen to me and not your head. You, Amelia, are the most gorgeous, loving, caring, sweet and considerate person I've ever met in my life. I know the choice of you to move and raise Luke on your own was not an easy option but you let your insecurities get the better of you and that was what convinced you to do so" I say. I'm about to continue when she cuts me off.

"How did you know?" She asked and I smiled lightly.

"I know you better than you think" I say before continuing, "your actions would've hurt either way. Raising him on your own made you feel as though were being unfair but going back to someone that cheated seemed pointless. I love you Amelia, we forgive those that we love and even though it hurts, I forgive you. I'm just glad I can catch up on the two years that I missed now" I say and she lets out a breath before speaking.

"You're an amazing man, Nick" my heart races at her words, "thank you for forgiving me, it would've been so much harder if you were really really upset and heartbroken" she says. Although I am really really upset and heartbroken, so heartbroken beyond words, I don't tell her. I don't want her to get upset again, especially down the phone.

"Anytime" I whisper, letting out a small breath.

"So, I'll meet you at Starbucks?" She asked quietly.

"Yeah" I say and she says her goodbyes before she hangs up.

We meet at Starbucks an hour later, and we sat in a booth. Luke and Amelia were opposite me.

"Luke, this is your daddy" Amelia says after Luke questioned who I was.

" you said daddy didn't love you anymore, does he love you now?" Luke asked.

"It is different now Luke" she sighs tiredly.

I had no clue he knew about me, better yet that Amelia said I didn't love her. I've never ever stopped loving her.

"Are you going to stay with us now daddy?" I see Amelia tear up at Luke's words, "I miss you and I don't want you to go" he says. I smile at his words.

"Do you want daddy to stay?" I ask Luke.

Seeing my girl tear up hurt, so I grabbed her hand under the table and gave it a squeeze.

"Yes! I want you to stay daddy, forever and ever!" Luke squealed and I smiled.

My thumb began to rub circles on Amelia's hand, and she looked at me with a soft smile.

"Then I'll stay" I smile at Luke and he smiled widely.

"Yay!" He grins, "can I have a hug daddy?" He asked in his cute little voice, and I smile, letting go of Amelia's hand and hugging Luke.

After we sit back down, my hand slips back into Amelia's and this time, she gives my hand a small squeeze.

"Are you and mummy married now?" Luke asked, making me shake my head no.

I hear my phone ringing and answer it, without letting go of Amelia's hand.


"Sir, it's Shelley"

"Hey Shelley, what's up? Any problems?" I ask. I see Amelia look at me in a mixture of jealousy and curiosity but I carry on with the conversation.

"Yes actually, Cole haven't attended still. I was wandering if you knew where he was" she says.

"Yes Shelley. He would be there tomorrow" I say, "have you cancelled everything for the next month?" I ask.

"Yes, but, Mr Black, Mr Abeles says he can't reschedule any later than the 24th of this month" I sigh in annoyance.

"Fine. Tell him that on the 24th we will have a meeting but cancel everything else. Anything else can wait" I say and she says okay before hanging up.

"Are you okay?" My Amelia asked and I sighed with a nod.

"Yeah, I got everything cancelled for this month but I have a meeting I can't miss on the 24th this month" I say with a sigh.

"You're leaving us?" Luke questions, his eyes filling with tears.

"It's okay Luke, I'll only be gone for a little bit and I'll come straight back, I promise" I say and he smiled widely.

Luke was so bubbly and happy it made me happy.

Luke and I were talking about cars, football, and everything else when Amelia squeezed my hand from under the table.

I look at her and she was giving me one of her heartwarming, gorgeous smiles.

'Thank you' she mouths and I smile at her.

'No, thank you' I mouth back. I noticed how her eyes lightened in colour and her pupils dilated when she looked at me.

She gave me another smile before Luke and I began to speak again.

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